Casual Friday: The End of Winter

It’s time to put my woolens away. I find this task very daunting.

It’s an annual reprimand, literally taking me to task for having too much clothing.
Let’s take one last look at this lightweight winter sweater before we pack it away.
Remember that new life was breathed into this sweater with a belt

Cat on lap doesn’t work when I am out and about
What could be cozier on a cold spring day than a wrapped cardigan over a long-sleeved stripe tee.
A cat on my lap! But not much else.

Top to bottom we have:

  • old sweater;
  • old belt;
  • old tee;
  • old jeans;
  • old bag;
  • old shoes.
    Let it never be said that The Directrice isn’t keeping it real.

    Showing you old clothes in new ways

    Shockingly real
    Such a small detail, but I like the way that the stripes show — just a bit — through this fine-gauge sweater. Tres femme.

    Finishing things off, a laminated bag in a non-color that works well with my non-color cardigan. Both the bag and the sweater can read grey and greige. The bag sometimes reads tan, too. Never hesitate to stretch your indeterminate neutrals. They may surprise you.
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Surprise and delight!

    Cardigan: Nanette Lepore; Tee: JCrew; Belt: Fausto Puglisi from YOOX; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Bag: Orla Kiely; Shoes: Coach; Watch: Shinola Birdy

    4 thoughts on “Casual Friday: The End of Winter”

    1. It’s a lovely cozy outfit. Yesterday I switched out my clothing for the season and began to think that I also have too many clothes. But what about regret from culling? Your bag reminds me of the Orla Kiely bag I gave away last summer. I didn’t think I would wear brown again — due to letting my hair go silver, brown now longer looks good on me. But I’ve discovered that a hint of brown in shoes or a bag is nice. Now that Orla Kiely has gone out of business…

    2. The sweater is a charmer which would work in any weather. I like the way the hem undulates and the thin material allows the stripes of the jersey to be revealed.The five buttons on the cuff of the sweater are a nice touch. Lovely casual presentation.

    3. An annual reprimand? Lugging my Rubbermaid tubs to/from the basement to swap out the seasonal items is more like a semi-annual impeachment.

      As for your lovely outfit, I just love how the stripes show at both the neckline and sleeves, it’s the perfect balance.


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