Home on the Range

This summer is all about personal growth! Risk-taking!

Am I making amends? Sky-diving? Practicing “my Spanish” with actual Spanish speakers? Nooooo.
I am wearing styles that are outside my comfort zone.
Ironically, but fortunately, they are very comfortable styles. Behold the city-prairie dress, toughened with an assertive belt.
The Photographer has labeled these photos Sister Wife With Kick-Ass Belt
The Photographer has labeled these photos “Sister-Wife With Kick-Ass Belt”

Floaty tiers in a small, flocked pattern that suggests calico.
That sounds about right
Sister-Wife? Kick-Ass? That sounds about right
I'm trying to expand my comfort zone
Actually this project is closer to polyglot than polygamy

A friend of mine came over for dinner a few weeks before a trip to Marrakech and mentioned the difficulty of finding lightweight dresses that covered her legs and arms.
Perhaps she did not realize that she was waving a red flag in front of a bull! No sooner had she left and I was searching the Internet for possibilities. I sent her a bunch of suggestions and then, because I am bonkers, I ordered a bunch of dresses for her, figuring I would “take a look” and then pass on any good candidates to her. Neither of us had great success, but I decided to keep this dress for myself.
That's not a funny story
I was trying to be helpful

Arguably, it's not even a story
Sooooo helpful
You may wonder why I didn’t pass it on to my Morocco-bound friend? Two reasons. First, she is thinner and has a more delicate frame than I do; I thought there was too much dress in this dress for her. Second, as you will see in the last photo, the dress is semi-sheer. It seemed to me that sheer fabric would really undercut the convention of covering one’s arms and legs.

R: If you are reading this post and thinking “I can’t believe she kept that dress from me” — I am sorry! We can share it.
Is this dress the most flattering thing ever? Well, no. But I like it all the same. It has a winsomeness to it.
Finding this dress was not just a cross-cultural challenge. I like the idea of long sleeves and covered legs for summer to protect me from The Sun.
Winsome bow
The Sun: Benevolent Tyrant or Unforgiving Patron?

Old sandals
Old sandals with winsome dress
The dress is a dark blue somewhere between navy and slate, so I have paired it with black (patent) sandals and a navy (patent) bag.

With the Unforgiving Patron behind me, you can see how transparent the fabric is. The dress came with its own, slate grey cotton knee-length slip and I think the length of the slip is perfect. A full length slip would be a little drab.
Have a fantastic weekend! Things to look forward to in the near future: In her continued quest for enlightenment and growth, The Directrice wears a v-neck top.
My Princess Diana homage
My Princess Diana homage

Dress: Max Mara; Shoes: Donald J. Pliner; Bag: Coach Poppy Tote; Belt: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

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  1. I’m not sure what to make of this outfit. Where will you wear it? To work? Nonetheless I applaud your adventurousness!!

  2. If you ever tire of the length you can always get your wonderful seamstress to shorten and you’d enjoy a tunic. I would totally wear this at the beach house… or my Utah family reunion.

  3. I follow a couple of “modest” bloggers and they’d probably have layers things under the dress to avoid the view. IMO your slip is modest enough.


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