Summer Flush, Part 1

The summer was so busy that I didn’t manage to write and publish some important posts. Things I’ve been meaning to show you for months and, in some instances, years. So I am going to flush out the summer ideas this week and then we’ll embark on fall next week. Agreed? *+ Some advice regarding … Read more

Walking Highlighter

We are deep into summer in Washington D.C., but it hasn’t been terribly hot.  Nevertheless, all of the staff at Directrice Global Industries Ltd. and DGI Holding, Inc. are ready for summer. The white blouse is covered up enough. For summer in Washington D.C. Post-pandemic. The ties on this blouse are long enough to wrap … Read more

Normal Up

  Twice in the past few weeks, I’ve had to present a conservative — i.e., traditional — appearance. I had to dig deep, Directorate, to enter the spirit of things.   There is one twee detail: long ivory ties at the neck. I did not care for that, so I drew the ties tight, knotted … Read more

Flowers for Spring

  Directorate, given the way we dress now, I still have pre-pandemic inventory to share. That means my commentary will be heavy on theory and light on shopping links because the pre-pandemic inventory is three or four years old and no longer in stores.   The vivid print combines International Klein Blue, cornflower blue, black, … Read more

Plaid Glad Rag

  From the first, I have advised that when you find a garment that fits and suits you perfectly, you should buy it in two colors. I live, and would die, by that advice.

Party Dresses Just In Case

Hello Directorate! I’ve had some difficulty over the last two weekends aligning my schedule, The Photographer’s schedule, a presentable appearance, and the golden hour. I have a list of ideas for posts, but no photos. And thus, I am showing you some seasonally inappropriate dresses that we photographed last fall. A charming surprise was revealed … Read more

A Khaki Suit, TWWDN

Although I’ve never been to Africa or actually seen the film Mogambo, long-time readers know that I like to dress myself in khaki head-to-toe inspired by safari wear. A Hollywood version of safari wear, involving full skirts, white blouses, waist-cinching belts, and no heavy duty bug spray. I don’t need much encouragement to reach for … Read more