A Little Something Special

I turned 48 earlier this month and bought myself a little present — a little something special — to celebrate.

It’s so me . . . but the very best version of me, no?
If I look a little different in these photos, there are three reasons.
First, I am older.
Second, I didn’t wash my hair; it’s the weekend and you are witnessing a rare outdoor appearance of Directrice bed-head. I am counting on the majesty of the vest to make up for personal deficiencies.
Third, it is freezing and windy; I am stiff with cold and my misshapen hair is tempest-toss’d.
The Photographer labeled this "Beautiful Straight-jacket"
The Photographer labeled this “Beautiful Strait-jacket”

Best version of self
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As we’ve previously discussed, I have a type.
This clever vest fits the type, but is unusually fun. I think it will work equally well with casual clothes (jeans or khakis) as it does with grey flannel.

I think we need to take a closer look.
Closer helps, but we need 360 review, too
Closer helps, but we need 360 review, too

We need to take walk around this. Unfortunately, you can’t move; you’re just stuck there, looking at this screen. You sit tight and I’ll turn.
Directrice360™ still under patent; licensing fees are Directrice Global Industries Ltd.’s primary source of revenue
My good side, looking windblown today
My good side, looking windblown today

Bad side
Bad side is no better than usual; Directrice360™ just works with the material available

As you must have noted, lots of asymmetry here.
This vest is a little too big for me. It needs to be taken in an inch through the bust (which can be done along the side seams) and the strap needs to be shortened by two inches. I think I can leave the ruffle alone.
Let's get right in the ruffle's face, shall we?  It has no sense of personal space
Let’s get right in the ruffle’s face, shall we? It has no sense of personal space

I don’t often show outerwear, but thought you might enjoy this coat and bag combination: my burnt orange coat and bittersweet bag.
I like a colorful coat in the winter; paired with a bag in the same tone (different intensity) it’s genius.

Vest: Marissa Webb Lynette Vest*; Shirt: Talbots; Pants: JCrew; Bag: Tory Burch; Coat: JCrew; Shoes: Taryn Rose

*Warning: Although I do not think that Marissa Webb generally runs small, I am wearing a size Large here. I ordered a Small and it was way too small; I may have overcompensated with the Large. Actual measurements are provided on the website, which is very helpful; I should have paid closer attention when making my first order. If you buy something from the Marissa Webb website, do take advantage of the offer for 15% off your first purchase.

10 thoughts on “A Little Something Special”

  1. Many happy returns and you do not look over 30 so relax and have the creme brĂ»lĂ©e. The top is indeed very you, looking on point. I’m crazed about the coat and purse. Just so cooL!! What a cheerful ensemble.. Kate baker

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m amazed at how you see possibilities in items I would pass up — I wouldn’t have been able to get passed the sultry looks on website model.

  3. Happy Birthday! Feliz cumpleaños even! Love the top: totally you, totally fabulous, although on this occasion I might have preferred a tucked in underlayer, rather than the overlap with the shirt hem as I feel the divine–also fairly ruffalicious–shaping is being confused by same.

    Coat and bag combo is a definite winner: 11/10.


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