Some Don’t Like It Hot

It seems like I was just complaining about the cold and rain . . . and now it’s in the mid-90s, and I can’t let that pass without comment. Negative comment.

I really wilt in the heat. Except for my hair! My hair becomes a turbo-enhanced version of itself in really humid weather.
Fortunately, standards relax in D.C. when the temperature goes above 90 degrees.
Some might say my hair loses its mind in the heat

Allow me to recommend the white eyelet skirt as a summer basic. I bought this one from Garnet Hill 6 years ago. It looks so fresh with navy or black, and here it is hipped-up with a Jil Sander top of many pleats and seams.
It is possible that collective standards do not relax and that I am just inappropriately dressed
Deal with it

The Sea Urchins are back! Summer is their season.
You may remember that when I wore this necklace last winter, I had to take it off for my commute because it was too delicate to wear under a heavy coat. But no such worries in the heat.
Doffing and donning jewelry during the day is
. . . not elegant

You’ll see this necklace again before the summer is over, too.
It goes with everything. Well, not everything. But it does go with many shades of pink as well as white and tan. I think it would also look smart with a vibrant navy blue.
Tell me what colors you would wear it with.
Think of how satisfying it would be to create something this extraordinary

Alternate necklace for hugging
While the Sea Urchins are well-suited to warm temperatures, they shouldn’t be worn to places where there will be hugging. While they might bounce back from one or two enthusiastic embraces, I can’t think it’s a good idea.
It’s fine to wear the Sea Urchins to work because there shouldn’t be any hugging there, but if I were going to a party or event after work, I would probably wear a different necklace.

I am sure I knew at one time what kinds of stones these are but now I only remember that the pendant is rutilated quartz. The first time I typed that phrase, it came out “rutilated corpse.” Eeesh.
What might the pink stones be? Tourmaline?
Come closer and tell me what you see

If I bring you closer, can you identify the stone? Are you using a loupe?
I think you’ll need a loupe

Back to my sandals for a minute. I know they are inappropriate, but I love them so. Here are two alternatives that I am considering for this type of outfit.

Top: Jil Sander from YOOX; Skirt; Garnet Hill; Wildly Inappropriate Sandals: Donald J. Pliner; Non-hugging necklace (Sea Urchins): Mariko Kusumoto from MOMA; Hugging necklace: Wendy Brigode

24 thoughts on “Some Don’t Like It Hot”

  1. I’m so glad you got this necklace instead of me — I would have long ago ruined it with a heavy coat and hugging.

  2. You look spectacular with your wild, amped up hair and that top + Sea Urchin necklace combo. I’d wear that with white cropped pants, too (if I owned any of those pieces). And the Fly London wedge, while I’m at it!

  3. Recently I purchased my first pair of Fly London shoes. Now I’m addicted. They are so comfortable. I wore them all day Saturday in the heat and my feet didn’t ache or swell. I need to buy more soon.

    Love that necklace (with whatever you wear).

    Can you comment on hair care products? I also have curly hair that grows in the humidity. I’m always looking for products to control it without losing the curls.

    • I have used Bumble & Bumble Curl Creme for years and I love it. I even prefer the re-formulation (maybe 18 months ago) to the original formula. If others know of a comparable product that is available in drug stores or salons, please tell me — because Bumble & Bumble is not universally available. Fortunately, though, it is sold at Sephora . . . which now seems to be everywhere.

  4. This is one of your most flattering outfits ever. The colors are perfect on you. I think you might be a “cool summer”

  5. Also I vote for the fly London wedges because they are shaped more like a shoe than a sandal, therefore less “sus” in the office, and the color would be just right for this ensemble.

  6. thank you for this: “It’s fine to wear the Sea Urchins to work because there shouldn’t be any hugging there”

    I really dislike work hugging.

  7. I moved North because my hair goes crazy in the humidity, and here I am, NORTH, in 98 degree temps and 200% humidity and I would send a picture of my hair, but I can’t figure out a way.

    Probably best.

    I love that shirt. I also love the hug-safe necklace.

    • New York was not far enough — you needed to head to the southwest. I hope that when you bring your hair back to the jungle of D.C., Hope, you will let me know and come and visit The Photographer and me! We’d love to see you.

  8. I worry about wearing flesh-colored garments for the fear of looking naked from afar. But somehow once again, you flout my fears and wear something fabulous that I will try and emulate.

    I would wear the necklace with my usual: black, gray, white…

    • I, too, fear flesh-colored garments and was a little worried that this top was walking the line.
      Indeed, it’s not so much that I fear looking naked as I fear making other people feel uncomfortable because they think they have seen a naked person . . . if you follow. In person, this top reads “pale rose.”

  9. This is a wonderful outfit for you — it suits your coloring perfectly.

    Could the pink stones be rose quartz?

    I vote for the Fly London sandals, as well.

  10. Great summer look. You’re fortunate to have hairstyle and hair with body. Mine just gets limp and vanishes as a statement. The top and skirt are a hit out of the park along with the shoes. You have nailed a really fabulous hot summer look. Enjoy!

  11. So much gorgeousness. Love the top and the urchins. You’ve possibly changed my mind about Fly London shoes. I’ve often seen them in the “comfortable shoes” stores but couldn’t decide if they were frumpy. Also, a geologist friend just visited DC, so now I have a new appreciation for pretty rocks like the hugging necklace ones and the zillions of years it takes to make them.

    • I ordered a pair and will post a review. They are a strange blend of orthopedic comfort and defiance, and I think I am into it. Also, they are very light weight even though they look heavy.

    • Oh no! I went digging through spam and could not find your comment, Cookie — but I am so sorry. You spoil me.


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