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The Total Package

Today we are zooming out to include a rare display of outerwear. Get pumped, Directorate.+ But we’ll start with the indoors portion of outfit. Jacket: Helmet Lang; Jersey: COS; Dress: Proenza Schouler White Label Pleatable Crepe Drawstring Dress available at Saks Off Fifth (in red plaid and solid black; FWIW, I think the solid black … Read more

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Our Lady of Little Things

Let it never be said that your Directrice, despite being a greedy little thing herself, encourages you to buy, buy, buy. Here are a few little things for you to ponder. Flats: JCrew Quinn Square-toe Ballet Flat

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The Directrice Ups Her Athleisure Game

In seasonal closet tidying, I occasionally take stock of the abundance and nevertheless find myself coming up short in some area. Years ago, you may remember a concerted effort to up my belt game? Last fall it occurred to me that some of my exercise clothes seemed a little sad. Joy! In going back through … Read more

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What Is It?

Can you believe that I am still rolling out pando acquos? That would be Pandemic Acquisitions. Some of the more confounding purchases have taken longer to bring into the light.

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Nod to Youth

Even though I have methods for navigating large inventory sites like YOOX and The RealReal pretty efficiently, I do find the regular shopping lists — curated edits — published by Vogue and WhoWhatWear very helpful. Sometimes one simply wants to be told what to want. I am wearing the bralette over a simple silk blouse … Read more

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A Return to Form

I must admit, Directorate, that I have experienced, in the last two years, from time to time, a crisis of confidence. I wonder, “Do I have anything left to create? Or is my best work behind me?”

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A Matter of Proportions: A Refresher

When I was in high school, in the 1980s, baggy clothes were in style. Oversized shirts + oversized pants were the thing. That look is coming back. Don’t fall for it! I previously showed this beautiful jacket with an untucked blouse underneath. To be fair, that outfit was a placeholder and I acknowledged at the … Read more

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The Eye of Starfish

Holiday shopping often goes off the rails for me. It all starts very rationally with a plan and a list in November and then typically in mid-December (approximately 10 days before Christmas) something snaps and I start wildly buying gifts for myself along with “back-up gifts” (alternate sizes, selections) for others. And then when everything … Read more

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Sometimes It’s Best to Take a Beat

Last week, I was looking for something cozy that would take me to work and an after-work concert at the Kennedy Center — with a walk in-between. I found this great boiled jacket in my very own closet. Last seen by you in 2017. Let me interrupt this post to tell you that when we … Read more

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Plus Ca Change

Happy New Year, Directorate! Although I feel ready to turn the page on 2023 — which I had marked down as a transitional year (2023: Return to Normalcy) many months ago — I am worried about 2024.  

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