The Wearing of the Purple

  When I tried on all of my fall/winter clothes in November, I decided that an old corduroy jacket would no longer be living with us. The decision made me a little sad because I had worn the jacket on my first date with The Photographer . . . in 2009. I am a little … Read more

Rip Cord

  Merry Christmas! I assume that readership will be down over the next few days and have indexed my effort accordingly.   Jacket, pants, sweater, t-shirt: all JCrew, all wicked old (I am in New Hampshire for Christmas); Belt: Heron Preston; Shoes: 8 from YOOX   * The buckle on this belt is really heavy. … Read more

Calico Space Force

  Calico Space Force. Is your brain scrambling to make sense of that? Are you wondering what it could possibly be?   You can see my striped shirt in another context in this post.   Have a fantastic weekend!   Vest: Carven; Shirt: Thomas Mason for JCrew; Jeans; JCrew; Bag: Coach; Shoes: Coach

The Virtues of Menswear Shirting

  Having one or two blouses made from traditional menswear shirting fabrics in your closet is a good idea.   Sweater: Theory; Shirt: Thomas Mason for JCrew; Jeans: JCrew; Shoes: Coach; Bag: Coach   * I feel like I have floated this idea in the past, but cannot find the promise in a quick search … Read more

A Word Picture Actualized

  Why is this? Two reasons. First, flowers are intrinsically appealing. Second, wearing a floral with a floral has an off-hand, bordering on insouciant, feel about it. It doesn’t seem like it should be intentional and therefore seems unintentional. Even though it is very contrived, as proven by this protracted analysis.   You may want … Read more

Mother Ginger

  In the spring and summer, we call this blouse “The Big Tent” — but as we head into December, “Mother Ginger” seems more seasonally appropriate. Have a fantastic weekend!