The Wearing of the Purple

When I tried on all of my fall/winter clothes in November, I decided that an old corduroy jacket would no longer be living with us. The decision made me a little sad because I had worn the jacket on my first date with The Photographer . . . in 2009. I am a little sentimental.

What was it that rubbed me the wrong way?
Certainly not the texture, which is a fine wale corduroy — almost like velvet.
It was the fit. The jacket seemed a little boxy and shapeless.
Marked for elimination in late 2018; even in early 2017, I look a little troubled

But then I thought on it, and realized that there’s always one trick to try before calling it quits.
A belt.
Not just any belt! A seasonally inspired, Ghost of Christmas Present belt in regal purple.
This is WMOWD

Blink no more, Photographer
I showed this belt to The Photographer and he blinked. But even he had to admit that it “set-off” the black jacket very nicely

Under the jacket, I am wearing a long-sleeved blouse in cotton voile over a black silk tank — which you’ve seen together before.
Remember: Different shades of black work together perfectly when they involve different textures.
We’ve talked about this before, too, but it bears repeating

I wore this jacket/blouse/tank/belt combination to work on a Casual Friday with jeans and black sneakers and then changed into grey pants and low wedges to attend an evening concert.
A little dressy

I think this is a red purple
Let’s take a moment to enjoy this purple belt.
The color is so intense. I want to drink it.

This belt will also be charming with my tweed jackets — grey and brown — don’t you think?
It’s electric

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Jacket: Theory; Blouse: Athe by Vanessa Bruno; Tank: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Coach; Belt: B-low the Belt Blake Velvet Belt from Shopbop

8 thoughts on “The Wearing of the Purple”

  1. I consider a color—paint colors in particular—winners in my book when their attractions are so irresistible I want to lick them. The purple of your belt is very lickable. And a winning addition to your corduroy jacket.

  2. Well obviously you *must* keep a jacket imbued with such happy memories! I’m happy to report I did some last-minute DIL (Directrice-Inspired-Layering, it’s going to be trending soon, I swear) for New Year’s Eve when I, too, pulled out an old item (a very cropped black sweater, possibly circa 2009, it’s been with me for some time!) that more than once I’ve put on the “donate” pile but then hold onto for sentimental reasons. It was the perfect topper for a slinky velvet camisole top that left me too bare in the shoulders, but had such a lovely pattern I couldn’t resist it on deep discount. Much to my delight, old cropped sweater+new camisole=perfect coverage and a new way forward for both pieces.


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