A Business Trip!

I am a total homebody, happiest when I am in the nest. My job requires some travel although most trips are short — one overnight, single-destination undertakings. Earlier this month, I needed to make two such trips back-to-back and realized that it made far more sense to make a one longer, single trip. More sense, but that meant packing more clothes!

As tempting as it may be to minimize packing by attempting to stretch one outfit, in whole or in part, to two days, I tend to think that’s a bad idea because: What if . . . StaInS?
Two days = two complete outfits. The outfits should, however, relate to one another and foster Garanimal-synergies, but which I mean, you ought to be able to mix-and-match the pieces.
front black blouse
Let she who has never spilled red sauce on her blouse pack just one

A color scheme: black
Here is Day 1 Outfit: Grey jacket, black blouse, black camisole, black pinstriped pants.

You haven’t seen this jacket for awhile, but it is a favorite.
close up buttons
Such a clever jacket

It’s an intricate jacket, but not overwhelming.
close up sleeve
Hoping I never lose a button and am forced to replace all of them

blouse w/ tiny collar
A lightweight cotton blouse; crinkly texture is easy to layer, amenable to packing
I like the simplicity of layered black; the different textures — crinkled cotton blouse,
silk camisole — provide enough contrast to make things interesting.

I particularly like the tiny collar on this blouse.
close up of collar
Small but mighty

For Day 2, I packed an entirely different outfit: tweed jacket, red wool shell, white blouse,
grey pants. But as soon as I was fully dressed, I felt like I was boiling in my own skin.
The shell was too heavy. So, I borrowed from Day 1 Outfit.
outfit 2
Modified outfit, no longer boiling

side with white blouse
Note: wrinkles on blouse caused by all-day wear (under jacket), not packing
A white blouse goes with almost everything.

In an effort to reduce wrinkling, I packed each outfit by dressing a small hanger, pants folded over the cross bar and the tops layered one over the other. Then I folded the sleeves in and folded the the whole outfit in half. Layering the clothes in this manner achieved the kind of padding and spaces that fancy retailers and cleaners achieve by packing clothes with scads of tissue paper. No wrinkles!
That’s a good packing tip, I must say; for The Directrice’s previous deep thoughts on packing for business trips,
read this post

Since I started this blog in 2015, The Photographer has created a book for me each December of the year’s best (and funniest) photos. After the Internet gives way to holographic brain files, I will still have these books to thumb through and remember.
The Directrice, Volume IV

Day 1 Outfit — Jacket: Vanessa Bruno; Camisole; JCrew; Blouse: Vanessa Bruno; Pants: Ann Taylor; Boots: 8
Day 2 Outfit — Jacket: Nanette Lepore; Camisole: JCrew; Blouse: Theory; Pants: JCrew; Boots: 8

6 thoughts on “A Business Trip!”

  1. The outfits work well along with the packing idea and I have done similarly without the hanger before. The results were positive and easier than using dry cleaner bags between each item. Your husband is so thoughtful to make those treasured books to keep and review of your year. He has a tender heart. Take care of each other xo

  2. The black on black tops look great together. I never would have thought of that combination. And the calendar is so sweet of the photographer. You never know, one day when your blog goes viral, he could be making copies for your fan base!

  3. I like the black on black. I might have been afraid to try that for fear of looking like I mis-matched my blacks, but the difference in the fabrics makes it look interesting and intentional, and adds nuance to the outfit. Hmm… something dangerous for the kids to try at home.

  4. Love the Chanel-like jacket for Day 2. You’re inspiring me for a trip next month. You wore different shoes each day I noticed… that’s probably a good thing too.

  5. I live fearlessly obviously – am just back from a 4-day trip for which I brought along a single trouser suit with 3 long-sleeve Ts for the 3 work days, hiking kit for an outing on the 4th day, plus a pair of cords and a jumper for after-hours. But certainly your outfits >> mine on charm !


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