The Return of the Strapless Utility Dress

I’m not sure what all of you made of my strapless utility dress — debuted summer of 2017 — but I love it.

I told you it would be back.
It was a threat and a promise.
It’s back!

Meditating on the good fortune of finding a blouse in my very own closet that works so well with the dress
For fall, the dress is paired with penny loafer-styled mules and a black blouse.

The sleeves on the blouse are just the right length to connect with the top of the dress.
What’s that you say?

For those who’ve forgotten, here is a look at the dress styled for summer. And for safari.
It’s serendipity

I think you’ve overshot
Come closer to see the blouse.
You’ve seen this before, too, layered under a different dress.

Many charming features here: dotted swiss, grosgrain trim on the placket, a streamlined collar. The different shades of black — the density of the dots and the grosgrain — within this blouse are particularly ingenious. The variety enables the blouse to work with more black garments. As we have frequently discussed, shades of black can differ.
Stop there; click on the photo to make it bigger, but then ignore the lint you will see on the blouse

Not my good side, but good enough for today
The hem on this dress is asymmetrical, but that is not apparent in this photo — which shows the long side.

These mules from JCrew are getting a lot of use. I’ve worn them 8 out of the last 10 work days.
That’s a little weird. Do you think my co-workers are talking about it?
Shoes have been over-worn, but I can’t stop myself

Grown men riding double on a scooter = not their best look
Electric scooters are cropping up everywhere in D.C. I think they present a danger to pedestrians and users.
Also, these guys look very odd.

To close, a rare shot of me grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato.
Say cheese!

Dress: Banana Republic; Blouse: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

7 thoughts on “The Return of the Strapless Utility Dress”

  1. You brighten my gloomy days. Thank you for making me smile (like a yam-eating possum!) and inspiring me to wear the things that make me happy.

  2. Like the lady above, I smiled at your big smile and enjoyed the outfit with some levity along with it. The outfit works and your black shoes are perfect. It makes the cute dress workable as cooler weather approaches here.

  3. Moi aussi! Love that dress. I see it with cardigans over the top too… and then it would look like you’re wearing an apron-dress.

    I would wear those shoes 7 days a week. Black – check, patent – check, low heeled – check, stylish – check!

  4. Love the look! And by the way, Orla Kiely has gone into liquidation. Homewares apparently will continue, don’t know about the handbags.

    • I am freaking out! I was looking forward to a lifetime of buying Orla Kiely laminated fabric bags. Now I must start stockpiling. If only I’d been greedier when I had the chance. Thank you for sharing this important news.

  5. I remember that dress and I think after clicking back to some of it’s other incarnations that I like this pairing the best. I like black/tan a lot, and I like how the collar vanishes into the blouse and it all looks simple, although it’s got a lot of detail
    At the rate we’re going you’ll still be wearing it at Christmas, fingers crossed for a few frosty mornings to banish the sticky weather we’re stuck with.


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