The Virtues of Simple Jersey Dresses

I’m back!
Directrice Global Industries Ltd. may unilaterally extend summer a few weeks. I’ve had so many summer posts planned and no time to put them together.

Although I don’t often lay down absolutes, I feel that I must politely order you to think about buying yourself a jersey dress.
How hard are you thinking about it?

I have been known to wear this dress all weekend
I am such a fan of the simple jersey dress. I wear them all weekend, except for sleeping. I could sleep in this, but I don’t.
I also like jersey dresses for travel. Occasionally I will wear one to work, on Casual Friday.

I like these dresses (1) in solid colors (2) with a little interesting detail (3) made of cotton with a little synthetic fiber to provide both stretch, shape, and resilience.
A little detail: ruching!

With safari — I mean, utility — jacket; it has so many names
The wonderful thing about the simple jersey dress is that you can wear it with anything: sneakers, sandals, a denim jacket, a statement necklace, a giant scarf. The only things you can’t wear with the simple jersey dress are heels (why would you want to?) and dowager brooches (you might want to, but you can’t because the fabric can’t handle them).
Here, I have topped my dress with one my favorite fatigue jackets.

You’ve seen this dress before, but today I am wearing it with a Weight Securing System.
M’ other jersey dress

Interesting details: rolled sleeves, torqued body
This dress is made of a very fine wool blended with a small amount of cotton and an even smaller amount of mystery fiber. Remember: Light weight wool breathes beautifully in warm weather.

I do have one other jersey dress, but it is less simple.
For those who have been hankering for a long, Breton striped jersey dress, JCrew may be able to help you.
Comfort guaranteed: Maximum Weight 5400 lbs

I like Cat’s idea of the 2Busy 2Post Selfies, but I never take outfit selfies. When I want to see how something looks, I prop the phone on a table or counter and make a 20-second 360 degree movie. Some of these movies are, unintentionally, very funny. So I could put together 22 Ultra Short Films About The Directrice.

Black dress: Theory; Grey dress: Isabel Marant Etoile; Black sandals: Donald J. Pliner Fifi; Red sandals: Aquatalia; Floral bag: Kate Spade; Black bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

10 thoughts on “The Virtues of Simple Jersey Dresses”

  1. Fellow jersey fan here. Brooks Brothers usually has one or two solid contenders each summer – my current favorite is Red Fleece from last year.

    Also, I would GLADLY watch Directrice360.

  2. I like each of these dresses very much. You are right on when you describe their versatility. They look terrific on you and most women with well proportioned figures.

  3. Both dresses are fabulous though the lightweight wool instantly filled me with envy. I do love jersey dresses and you own two of the best.


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