The Directrice Takes the Air

  As with many busy women, exercise is something I try to fit into the corners of my day. During the week my walks are all business, but on the weekend there is time for meandering. My route typically includes one bakery (sometimes two) and a neighborhood shop that sells the cutest athletic wear, Core … Read more

Sort of Like a PSA

  It seems to me that a post featuring a garment that is not only available on-line, but heavily discounted is sort of like a public service announcement, no?   Jacket: Marissa Webb Nadeen jacket available here; Striped jersey: JCrew (you may remember it from this earlier post); Polo (under striped jersey): White+Warren; Jeans: JCrew: … Read more

Dress Like No One Is Watching

  Scarcely anyone is in the office this week. You know what that means. What I really want to share with you is my Christmas tree, which my husband, a friend, and I put up this evening. In a moment of precipitous executive functioning, I chose a slightly undersized tree. It’s so hard to gauge … Read more

The Year’s Best

  As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to take a look back.   The year’s posts — which number 137 — are sorted into pedagogical categories like Dressing and Planning, but I thought you might be interested in seeing which are my favorites and which appear to be your favorites.   Thank you … Read more

Advanced Topics in Pattern Mixing

  I generally favor clothes in solid colors and monochromatic palettes, which is a little odd because my house is filled with pattern and color. Perhaps it’s not so odd because . . . a person is not a sofa.   But let’s have a word about the sweater. This sweater features a little pattern-mixing … Read more

In Lieu Of

  Although this might seem odd, even implausible, to you . . . I don’t actually like having my picture taken. C’est vrai! I am also certain that you must want relief from pictures of me periodically. (The conceit of this conviction is comical because, um, if you need a break from seeing pictures of … Read more

Taking Care of Your Shoes

  Today, the most prosaic of topics: proper maintenance of shoes. I will pepper this post with pictures of exciting shoes to compensate.     There are, however, a few steps you can take to slow their degradation.   On a fairly regular basis, you should wipe the interior of your shoes with diluted isopropyl … Read more

Pink Loves Cranberry

  The Procurement Department of Directrice Global Industries Ltd. is working on acquiring a couple of pieces needed to execute your ideas — which coalesced around slim jersey tops and wide-legged cropped pants — but for now, let me show you the casual look I came up with.