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Although this might seem odd, even implausible, to you . . . I don’t actually like having my picture taken. C’est vrai! I am also certain that you must want relief from pictures of me periodically. (The conceit of this conviction is comical because, um, if you need a break from seeing pictures of me, you could, um, just not visit this blog for a few days.)
As a result, I try to regularly publish posts (one in six?) that involve no pictures of me. Some of these posts are thought pieces (see, e.g., To the Jewelry Box), and others simply feature pictures of things that I think you might want to consume. Today’s post is one of the latter.
Behold these highly consumable jackets!

Grey ponte knit
Grey ponte knit; what could be smarter for casual Friday and le weekend?
Ivory ____; perhaps more for summer
Ivory cotton; perhaps more for summer
Cotton pinstripes; a feel a disturbance in the force
Cotton pinstripes; love the lining, but if you were to wear this jacket with a patterned blouse, I would feel a disturbance in the force

Heavy jersey with a hood
Heavy jersey with a hood
Arms have a Japanese influence
This cut is so interesting; the sleeves have the look of a Japanese robe (update: I bought it!)
So chic
So chic; collarless jacket with wide sash

I love the animal print contrast piping
I love the animal print contrast piping
Retro floral with the best decorative button closure
Retro floral with the best decorative button closure, might be just the thing with a solid colored dress
Who wouldn't want to put her hand in this pocket?
And one sweater sneaks in; who wouldn’t want to put her hand in this pocket?

All of these jackets are from one Italian label, PianuraStudio, and yet they are all so distinctive. All jackets found on, at this page.

One other thing! These:
Milan IV Amber
Illesteva Milan IV Amber

Coming up Friday: Pictures of the Directrice

6 thoughts on “In Lieu Of”

  1. Love the jacket with the animal print piping. Despise the jacket with the orange trim. Overall: I miss the pictures of the Directrice! (on a personal note: I have known the Directrice for years and I can attest to the fact that she absolutely hates having her picture taken. Which makes this blog one of the greatest mysteries of all time.)

    • And that’s what makes me so exciting — unpredictable, irrational behavior. Brace yourself: I bought the jacket with the orange trim. It’s really cute with jeans. You’ll all see come spring.

    • Well, you are talented photographer and take flattering photos of me! Plus The Diretrice was launched for the greater good. But school photos, ID pictures, posed group photos in professional contexts . . .please no.

  2. I for one enjoy seeing you on your blog wearing fabulous clothes. I request more photos of you wearing glasses please. Maybe you’ll be less shy donning spectacles?

    The knit Blazers have given me inspiration…. The comfort plus the “being dressed” feeling….I dig it!

  3. I don’t really have room for any more jackets in my wardrobe, however if I did, the most useful for me would be that grey ponte knit – a jacket able to span the weekend and my more casual (non-lawyer) weekday wardrobe. If I had double space, some the more unusual edgings would be cause for further investigation.

    As it stands, I have been thinking of why some jackets get worn less than others, and am planning to talk to a dressmaker or tailor in regards to what can be altered, or what I must release.


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