A Khaki Suit, TWWDN

Although I’ve never been to Africa or actually seen the film Mogambo, long-time readers know that I like to dress myself in khaki head-to-toe inspired by safari wear. A Hollywood version of safari wear, involving full skirts, white blouses, waist-cinching belts, and no heavy duty bug spray. I don’t need much encouragement to reach for the khaki. As we’ve previously discussed, it’s a color, a fabric, and a state of mind.

Last week when I found one of my favorite Marissa Webb vests on The RealReal, it occurred to me that I hadn’t looked at her website in a long time.

One quick digital visit and who is now wearing the chicest curly fleece vest styled into a khaki suit for The Way We Dress Now?

Your Directrice, suited in curly fleece

Unexpectedly feminine, isn’t it?

Take notes: White blouse, hiking pants, belted fleece vest. Swap out the Converse high tops for a pair of loafers and I am wearing a post-pandemic suit.

The cinched waist makes this work, right?

I don’t run as cold as I used to and am finding that vests are an excellent way to accommodate fluctuating body temperature.

This one, in addition to being very soft and cozy, “reads” normal. Some may remember another fleece vest — which I still love and wear — from Marissa Webb: The Ostrich.

Even I must admit that The Ostrich is bizarre.

Curly fleece reads normal if I am not hopping around

Come closer and take a look.

This vest combines fleece and a smooth cotton twill. When cinched at the waist with the self-belt, the angular shoulders and shirt-tail hem create a lovely hourglass silhouette. Scroll back up to see the graceful hem in profile.

Curly fleece front, cotton twill belt, chest pockets, and back

From The Photographer, an establishing shot, establishing that spring is beautifully in bloom here

Before we delve into the details, I thought you might like to see evidence of spring in Washington, D.C.

Black buttons provide nice contrast and balance the texture of the fleece.

Here, I think black is better than a brown horn would have been

I added a little color to round things out: an orange bracelet and a red printed bag.

The bracelet is fun, but polished.

Slender glass tubes, strung on a vibrant orange cord

I found this vintage Longchamp bag on The RealReal.

I love toile prints and this one particularly struck my fancy, as it looks like someone cut loose with a can of spray paint. I don’t know if there is an artistic or social message in it, but I love it.

If history over-writes itself, one day I will be over-written? Ok!

Vest: Marissa Webb Frankie Sherpa Coated Canvas Vest (Easter Flash Sale ends Monday) (runs very large; I am wearing an XS and my canvass Marissa Webb vests are size M!); Bracelet: Ann Cox at Please Do Not Enter; Sneakers: Converse Run Star Hike Platform (these sneakers are incredibly comfortable); Shirt: Talbots; Pants: Prana Halle 2; Sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith

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  1. I am a fan of khaki and I also like to sometimes wear the same color top to bottom. The side view is excellent. Face front is a bit overwhelming. That is a big collar.


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