Blue Velvet

My New Year’s Resolution in recent years has been to wear shoes that are not black on a regular basis. Syntax! I know it’s badly worded, but I think you understand me.

I feel that I should have more variety in my footwear.
But it’s easier said than done. If you look back over my posts, you will see a lot of black shoes.
I saw these brilliant blue shoes and a color combination came to mind: mustard, blue, and black. I think it works.
Supposed to not wear black shoes everyday

Supposed to wear non-black shoes once per week
The shoes are velvet and fit differently than my other mules. For reasons I don’t understand, this pair is a little harder to walk in — so these elegant slides may become my shoes for entertaining at home.* Perhaps I will need a caftan and turban to wear with them.

This color (and the velvet) were irresistible to me — and I don’t even really like blue.
What shade of blue are they?
Prussian blue?

Peacock blue?

Caspian blue? Is that a thing?

I think they’re Prussian blue, which is called Paris or Parisian blue by some. Does this discrepancy reflect a fight for attribution
(“French toast”) or an insult (“Canadian doubles”)? I tend to think the former because the color is very beautiful and complex.
Can someone remind me what “Canadian doubles” (tennis, 2 players against 1, only played for convenience when you can’t find a fourth) is called in Canada?+ “American Doubles”?
With the smallest turn in the weather, I reach for the turtlenecks; love!

Turtleneck weather has arrived. We’ll have a few days where turtlenecks and mules can co-exist and then the mules will have to remain inside until spring.
I do love these pants**

Have a fantastic weekend!
Mules: JCrew Pointed-toe slides in velvet; they come in this blue and a dusty pink that I think would look great with jeans and khakis
* Earlier this week I was wearing the loafer-style mules and had to run down the Metro platform to catch a train. It sounded like someone had pushed a shopping cart down the escalator. Such a lady!
+ I love Canada, which I think of as the United States’s younger, but more responsible, sibling. Australia and New Zealand are our fun cousins. (For those who’ve read A Prayer for Owen Meany, New Zealand is Simon Eastman — a little bit wilder. Tell me if I am wrong.)
** I have three more outfits featuring these pants, although one of them involves the dark green (not the mustard) pair. I am not kidding.

11 thoughts on “Blue Velvet”

  1. I call this color French blue, which is a variation of Prussian or Parisian blue.

    Like you, I vow to wear my shoes-that-are-not-black, but I’m struggling this year. People apparently no longer wear flesh-colored hose with dresses and skirts, but instead alternate between bare legs and black tights. In my mind, black tights do NOT go well with blue or green or red shoes, and my legs are ready to be covered for the season.

    Ideas? Future post?

    • The question of whether or not to wear nude hose has come up before. I may be in the minority, but I actually think that nude hose looks sophisticated and appropriate during the cool months. I think that not wearing hose when the weather is cold is a sign that the non-wearer either (1) has NO mother or (2) has been influenced by celebrity culture to the point where she believes that she should dress like a celebrity (who may or may not have a mother). Getting dressed for work is not the same as dressing for an awards show. In L.A.

      The question of colored hosiery has not been discussed. I am a bit of a purist on this point and prefer hose and tights that match shoes. I also feel that, generally, shoes should be the darkest part of one’s outfit — unless one is wearing the Dainty Sianos (my white Doc Martens) or brightly colored shoes with an all-black ensemble. With all that said, Marni does show bright socks and tights that contrast with skirts and shoes and look fantastic — so anyone with the moxie to try it should do so!

  2. I agree – several of us need guidance on the tights question. I do wear a pair of cable-knit grey tights an awful lot with dark red loafers and a pair of navy shoes I have.

    And as a non-athletic Canadian, I can’t answer your tennis question accurately. Sorry. (Said in my nicest Canadian accent)

    • Grey tights are good. Different textures are good. I also wear a lot of Navy blue tights and brown tights. But browns and grays. . .there are so many different browns and grays! Are we not allowed to wear “nude” stockings anymore? I think we’re not, according to whomever makes up the rules. (Who is that, anyway?)

    • I like grey tights with red shoes, if you are wearing a grey or black skirt. Grey is also a nice way to break up too much black (black dress and black shoes). Some other thoughts on tights are above.


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