Well Under the Limit

I doubt that you will be surprised to hear that Weight Securing System has become my favorite belt.

How could it not?
It’s Wuv, Twue Wuv

Admit it: Once you had a little time to adjust and think it through, it became your favorite, too.
Our favorite*

How could it not be . . . if you follow that inartful question
This belt has everything: adjustability, color, humor.
I wore it recently to my firm retreat because I felt that it could carry my half of any conversation. And it did.

A fully adjustable, talking, stripe of color deserves to be out and about as much as possible, so I must incorporate it into many outfits.
Today, the belt is casual.
It will serve any occasion — for instance, occasions when my stomach appears to be sticking out

Remember: We mustn’t save our best things for special occasions. They bring pleasure through everyday use.
I think I just failed to tighten it properly

This Carven jacket needs to get more use, too. Is it dressy? Or casual? The fact that I don’t know suggests a problem, but I have recently decided that it is business casual to dressy casual.
Here, I appear to be deep in thought
but I think I am just waiting for The Photographer to adjust his settings

And very slowly dropping my hand to my side
Possibly in deep thought here

Have a fantastic weekend! If you haven’t read Monday’s post, you should. It’s a funny one.

Jacket: Carven; Blouse: JCrew; Belt: Off-White; Jeans: JCrew; Bag: Coach Poppy Tote; Flats: Lazio Collezione
* Fact: The designer, Virgil Abloh, was just named artistic director of Louis Vuitton men’s wear. But don’t worry! He is continuing with Off-White at the same time.

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  1. An accessory that can carry half of any conversation? Introverts’ dream. The belt is beautiful and hilarious, and I love it with that outfit.


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