Sport Tory

When I was preparing for our trip to Chile last year,* I thought a pair of athletic-inspired trousers might be just the thing for urban excursions.

Put another way, I wanted some dressy track pants.
I found a beautiful pair by Isabel Marant but they were horribly expensive and looked terrible on me. Costly and unflattering? Insupportable.
So what do you imagine I did?

Et voilà; you know it
I bought a cheap pair of tuxedo pants from Banana Republic and asked Fatima to appliqué some ribbons on the tuxedo stripe.

In the end, the pants didn’t make the trip, but they’re kind of cute, right?
The ribbons may be a little too bright and the leg is tapered ( I prefer straight legs), but they’ve got something going on.
Unfortunately, they are not made of a stretch fabric, so they really cannot substitute for track or yoga pants.
Exerting myself as much as possible in hard pants

I haven’t worn these to work but I think they would be permissible on Casual Friday.
They would be perfect for brunch if I were the brunch-eating type.
O.K.; capable of slightly more sporting stance

And always ready for a street fight because you never know
Consider the possibilities one might realize while standing in the notions & trims section of G Street Fabrics. Using a light or medium grey would have been a pretty (and more versatile) alternative to these bright colors.

Note how the ribbons run off the pants. I stole this idea from Jason Wu. It’s the smallest detail imaginable, but very delightful.
Well . . . I am delighted.
Possibilities: asymmetrical treatment of legs with ribbons of different colors, widths, lengths

Come closer to see my knock-off better.
You will not become an accessory to theft simply by taking a closer look

The Directrice and The Photographer aim to have a soirée sometime this spring — a combination of literary salon and style colloquium. If you’re in the D.C. area and would like to come, please leave a comment to that effect and we’ll invite you when we set a date.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Pants: Banana Republic; Black silk camisole: JCrew (under the sweater, more visible in some photos than others); Sweater: JCrew; Shoes: Carlo Pazolini; Bag: Tory Burch
She’s poetry in motion

* For those interested in vacation packing or Chile, there were one, two, three, four — count them! — posts.

24 thoughts on “Sport Tory”

  1. So clever! I actually love the bright stripes with the neutral colors, penny loafers, and fun bag. I hope you plan to gussy up more pants? I’d love to see what creativity you and Fatima could come up with.

  2. Please let us know when the soiree will be. If there’s enough notice, I might be able to be there, despite living outside Albany, NY. I visit my aged P frequently and could try to make the soiree.

  3. Adorable. And tapered pants look good on you! Just call me the Pants Evangelist (the Pantsvangelist?). I live in the Richmond area but would love to attend a soiree/colloquium.

    • Saturday, May 18th at 7:00 p.m. Do come! Bring a friend so you don’t have to drive alone. You’ll be able to see my too-loose pants in person.

    • Also, I love your trousers. I’m really attracted by bright stripes like that but, like you, I’m concerned about the versatility of colors and the marching-band effect of, say, a white stripe.

  4. The DIYer in me must know: how are the ribbons attached to the pants? Via stitching or a fusible interface of some kind?
    I would dearly love to attend the soirée but logistics from Ottawa would be complicated. Plus planning an outfit would require me to quit my job and focus on that full time!

    • The ribbons are stitched, Shopgrrrl. Fatima did this very precisely, but I think that slightly crooked stripes or stitching would also be charming . . . and that’s how they would have looked had I done the job m’self. So sorry that you are too far away to come to our party, but please know that could come wearing anything!

      • Ah yes, now that I’m looking at the photos on my tablet and not my tiny phone I can see the stitching. A very ambitious and well-executed mod! Will you try the pants with sneakers as well? Please post if you do!

  5. Would love to come if the party happens to be when I’m in DC for work next month! I have to admit the this look needs time to grow on me.

    • Saturday, May 18th at 7:00 p.m. If the timing does not coincide, I hope you will let me know what dates you are in town so we can meet for coffee!

  6. If I am around, I’d be interested in attending a literary soiree/style symposium! Please add me to the list of interested parties.


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