The Last In-Person Meeting

Hello! Hello? I know you’re home.*

How is everyone holding up?
Restless? Anxious? Stressed?
You’ve come to the right place. A place where you can set all your cares aside for 90 seconds while you read this post and feel lulled into a sense of deep relaxation (for 90 seconds) listening to the soothing cadence of my written voice.
If I were speaking to you directly, you might not feel as relaxed. The Photographer’s chief observation after nine days of remote working is that I talk loudly into the phone.
Poised to shout into a speakerphone

Pulling air into lungs to shout through lengthy Zoom meeting
I don’t know about that.
We’ll come back to remote work shortly, but first, let’s discuss the jacket I wore for my last in-person meeting, earlier this month.
This jacket — which you’ve seen before — is one of my spring go-to choices. It’s the perfect fabric (cotton boucle) and weight (mid-weight and lined) for those in-between-season days. And the colors — white and slate blue, which reads gray — are nice and light for the coming season.

This jacket is a boxy, motorcycle cut.
I have gravitated toward increasing the definition of my waist since I bought the jacket in 2014/15, so I decided to belt it.
Silver seemed a natural choice — a little distinguished, but relatively low contrast.
Silver Fox Belt

Perhaps cheap belt was cheap for a reason; we’re together 4eva now
I bought this cheap belt very cheaply (final sale) on YOOX, not realizing that it had a logo tab affixed to the end.
You know how I feel about logos!
But from a distance, the tab actually looks like an innocuous graphic element. I think it’s OK. Regardless, I am not sure if I can lop it off. I think that would involve a very sharp knife, a steady handy, and some silver paint. I only have one of those things: a super-scary knife that I am practically afraid to look at, let alone hold.

Continuing my vow to wear jewelry every day, I added a brooch. My colleague thinks the brooch reads “Christmas” but surely there are year-round berries like these. Help, Directorate? Am I wearing an ill-timed holly brooch?
Help me, Directorate; you’re my only hope

Could these be big, fat blueberries? Take all the time you need
The fun of this brooch is not apparent in photos, but the berries are mobile. The are attached to the leaves with chains and so they move around and re-organize themselves periodically throughout the day.

Since you’re closer, you might as well take a look at the belt.
It’s ridiculous, right? But it works from a distance.
I am a little embarrassed to wear this belt

And now we’ve come full circle: Works From a Distance! Here are my observations on Day 9: I move around a lot when I am in my office! My daily steps have dropped precipitously. So, I need to get up and go for more walks during the day. Indeed, perhaps I need to walk around the block every 90 minutes. Also, I am spending more time staring at a computer screen and my eyes are drying out. Must find a way to fix that, too.
Please share your observations about working from home — the funniest or the most worrisome, or both.
I loved all of your comments on Monday’s post. The funniest was the suggestion that our pets may be feeling smothered by our attentions.
One important PSA: The Miss Fisher movie — Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears — is released and streaming. Unfortunately, it is only 1 hour 41 minutes long; I had been hoping for something closer to 20 hours. But I am very excited even for a taste.
Jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Pants and blouse: JCrew; Brooch: Sonia Rykiel from The RealReal; Belt: TOMMY JEANS by Tommy Hilfiger
* In certain places, you are home unless you are a health care provider or other essential service provider. If you fall into either of those categories, I’d like to thank you for going to work and taking care of the rest of us. We’ll stay home and be sensible to minimize the risks to you, but are very aware of the efforts that you are making. Thank you, be careful, and stay safe and well.

23 thoughts on “The Last In-Person Meeting”

  1. Cherries?
    Could you perhaps paint over the belt tab? With, say, some nail polish? (Carefully masking the adjoining belt first, of course – but you would have done this anyway, I’m sure)

  2. A tip for The Directorate from The Photographer: Change your screen to “low blue-light” mode. That makes it it a little yellower/redder, which I think is easier on the eyes. You can also just turn down the brightness. Screens are never easy to adjust, but if you fool around with the buttons that are almost always on (or under) the right-hand bottom of the monitor, you’ll figure it out.

    I bought The Directrice this monitor for WFH. It’s a 24-inch monitor that’s tilt- and height-adjustable, and only $140. The HDMI cable you need is included. She’s well satisfied with it.

  3. I love this belt, but I was first drawn in by the nubby/fluffy texture of the jacket!

    I’m sure others are already doing this, but I’m staying sane by doing handicrafts. Pulled out an old pair of jeans and am practicing a variety of embroidery stitches. I am postponing the question of whether or not I will actually wear them when all is said and done!

  4. Love that they move around. How about Strong scissors to cut it off if you don’t like the logo?

    I’ve been enjoying dance workouts and FaceTime happy hour dances!

  5. My funniest experience WFH so far is realizing the benefits of what Zoom can’t do. I went for a 5 mile hike in steep canyon (trailhead is in my neighborhood), upon arriving home was waylaid chatting with a neighbor (at the requisite 6+ feet), barely made it to my computer in time for the call, and was immensely gratified to realize that Zoom doesn’t transmit sweatiness and stinkiness (yet).

  6. I use an app called Time Out that reminds me at given intervals to look away from my screen. There are lots of others like it too.

  7. The ONLY thing I’m interested in is whether Miss Fisher and Detective Jack finally get together!! (No spoilers, please!)

  8. I too thought the belt was green, and thought it looked very pretty! Though maybe not great with the red watch. Unless you really are consigning the brooch to holiday-only status. Love to you and the Photographer!

  9. I have seen the Miss Fisher movie here in Australia before the cinemas all closed. Great fun and fabulous costumes. I saw it with my mum and my daughter, who commented that it was just like Indiana Jones, but with a woman as the hero. Something to look forward to once we are all let out of our houses again.

  10. Nice looking outfit. When I first saw the brooch, I thought they were giant pearls until I read your description and looked closer. Nah, they are fine and go with the outfit well. The belt looked great until you pointed out the logo then I couldn’t unsee it. But it might be too onerous to attempt to remove so I would just leave the logo alone. The purse looks a little bulky but if it carries all the items you need, so be it.

    Thanks for an inspiring outfit!!!

  11. So what’s wrong with a little Christmas mid-year? I’m digging it! And I would hack that logo off with a strong knife braced on a cutting board! You said it was reasonably priced… be brave 😉

    Also, zoom meetings… I put up a dark fabric on the wall behind my desk chair so that people could actually see my hands as I sign (using ASL). And I try not to wear any print or stripe on top – it’s hard to read on video camera.

    Also, LOVE that a Miss Fisher movie came out for us to enjoy… sigh… there are good things…

  12. The most I’d do with the logo would be to take white nail polish and paint out the raised letters. It’s not that intrusive.
    We just picked up a new phone at Best Buy Curbside, a cordless phone with a headset. Webex keeps ringing busy on my cell so I have to use our land line, and husband is tired of listening to my conference calls, which are really work sessions going on for several hours.

  13. Razzle,dazzle bright shiny objects are always fun. Leave it to the imagination. However you may be feeling , you look good. Keep on walking.

  14. The brooch reminds me of some earrings I remember from an album cover — I can’t remember which one, but it must have been cool, of course, since I owned it! ; ) So you can claim new-wave glam as part of your fashion CV.

    And gratitude to The Photographer for the yellow-filter screen tip. I use one on my phone but for some reason never thought about my laptop/desktop monitor!

  15. I also saw a green belt and pearl brooch in the first photo. In the closeups I realized the brooch wasn’t pearl, but the belt remained defiantly green. I’m relieved and photographically intrigued to know it’s silver! I would definitely hack off that logo if it can be done in one swift slice.
    I’ve been WFHing for a week now, and while nothing professionally noteworthy has occurred, I’m pleased to report that my cat has quickly learned the new schedule and hops into my lap the moment I sit down to work each morning.

  16. I work on a farm (so why am I reading a blog about professional clothes…..good question). But I can tell you the brooch looks like immature strawberries which is a very exciting thing.


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