Casual Friday: An Arresting, Singular Blouse

I am not thrilled to be falling in with the magazine and catalog editors who are now referring to every striking or unusual garment as a “statement” piece — e.g., statement blouse, statement skirt, etc. Had I started this trend, I would have gone with arresting or singular. But that ship has sailed, so let me tell you about my statement blouse.

A few weeks ago, one of you dear readers recommended a site called Loopy Mango for winter hats. I went there and fell in love with the hats and the yarns and saw these chunky infinity scarves worn with over-sized white blouses that seemed very charming to me. This got me to thinking, Perhaps I need a dramatic white blouse? A statement blouse.
Cleopatra Cowl from Loopy Mango
Cleopatra Cowl from Loopy Mango

It wasn’t hard to find one. Click click click.
If you are thinking, “That’s not much of a statement, Directrice” — you need to take a step back.
That's it?
Step back, Jack

Arresting indeed
Arresting, singular
Do you get it now? This blouse is really saying something.

But what, exactly, is it saying?
There's more
Is it a statement: I don’t care what you think

Or an imperative: Look at me!
A cry for help?
Or perhaps it’s a subconscious cry for help?

The tail on this blouse is too long for my taste, so I am going to have it hemmed. I think taking off 5-6″ and leaving a 3″ shirt tail will work for me.
Vertical stripes adorn the yoke; I have no idea why!
Beautiful folded cuffs will never look this sharp again; my iron and I have been on a break for many months

Just when you thought it couldn't get any stranger
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger
But wait, there’s more!

Personally, I think this neckwarmer (that word again) is the finishing touch. A different texture, a shape that is literally capping the zany blouse. But Harper seems disgusted.
Harper has 1,000 faces. That will be a post at some point in the future.
Cleopatra on the Potomac

No, I have not persuaded a lamb to curl around my neck
This blouse would look great over something colorful — a striped tee-shirt or a printed silk tank.
In warmer weather, a conversation-stopping necklace will substitute for the neckwarmer. Something like one of these delights from Dandi Maestre:

Tinted Jade and Horn Necklace
Dandi 3
Assorted All-Natural Beads/Horn/Bone/Wood Necklace
Red Bone
Red Bone Short Link Necklace

Blouse: Y-3 (still available); Jeans: JCrew; Loafers: Carlo Pazolini from YOOX; Neckwarmer: Loopy Mango Cleopatra Cowl (link is to the DIY kit, but you can buy a completed one); Awesome necklaces: Dandi Maestre

16 thoughts on “Casual Friday: An Arresting, Singular Blouse”

  1. Directrice! I implore you to wear this blouse least once before having the back hemmed. I quite like the length in back. If you’re going to shorten it, perhaps only 2″ — just enough so that the back doesn’t get caught in the crease of your knee joint when you walk or sit. I think the dramatic difference in length is the key to this blouse!

    • I thought everyone would hate this blouse . . . My mother hasn’t weighed in yet. I think you are right; I will just trim a little (2″) for convenience in walking and leave the drama intact. We’ll see if the good folk of Connecticut Avenue can handle it.

  2. I agree with Betsy. What makes the blouse is the reveal of a dress length in the back, with the accompanied draping. Don’t cut more than 2-3″ please. Otherwise, it’s just another white blouse. A lovely white blouse, but after seeing your magnificent wardrobe through this website, you don’t need just another white blouse. 😉

    • I am persuaded by the wisdom of the comments. The blouse shall only be the tiniest bit shortened — 2″ for ease. Thank you for weighing in, PJ!

  3. I have to chime in with the others….you should leave it…at least for now. Wear it a couple times like it is—because it is so unusual & lovely! It almost looks like a coat from the back! As for the neckwarmer…it’s absolutely fabulous—it almost looks big enough to pull down around your waist and wear as a waist warmer!! jodie

    • Thank you, Jodie! I bought a kit to make a hat (a heavenly, pale pink) and will make it the subject of a future post. The yarn is really thick — maybe 1/4″ in diameter? I’ve never seen anything like it. We have a couple of really lovely yarn stores here in D.C., which I like to visit occasionally, even though I don’t actually know how to knit. (In case anyone is wondering how I will make my hat: Loopy Mango promised a video tutorial.)

  4. It’s unanimous! I think it looks beautiful from the back, like a lovely, airy, summer dress. And the vertical stripes are the perfect accent to prevent the rear view from looking bland.
    Looking at the cowl picture from the website: why would you wear a heavy neck warmer with a short sleeve blouse, cropped wide leg pants, and sandals?? Loopy, indeed.

    • Susan — I have to agree that the contradictions in that ensemble are manifold. The sandals look like fluffy bedroom slippers to me. But she certainly looks comfortable!

  5. Wow, I just love the unusual pieces you find! May I ask what size you are wearing in this blouse? I am very tempted to give it a try!

  6. Oh, I am so glad you have decided to trim only the smallest necessary amount! This blouse is wonderful with the dress-length back. The loopy yarn is quite amazing also.

    • The Photographer photographs me so that I look monumental but I am actually very short. I’ve always wanted to be a tall drink of water. Thank you for visiting and commenting, Tutti.

  7. I think some shortening is in order. When you look at it on the web site the back hem is above the models knees. The trick will be to shorten it and have it look right as it curves around to the shorter front. You and your seamstress will have to confer.

    I love those Loopy Mango knits. With 21 degrees predicted this weekend you’ll be snuggling into that cowl.


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