Casual Friday: Professorial Tweed


Spring is almost here, which means that in just a few weeks it will be time to put away the winter clothes and take out the spring/summer clothes.

In an effort to manage my closet, I go through my clothes at the start of the season (to weed out anything that I’m no longer likely to wear) and at the end of the season (to remove anything that wasn’t actually worn during the season). This rigorous habit means that in waning weeks of the season, I try to wear everything that I like but somehow overlooked in the previous 4 months. That’s right: Rather than allow things to take their natural course, I intervene to protect neglected garments from elimination at the hands of . . . my ruthless self. But I do so within the letter of the rules promulgated by . . . my orderly self. Imagine what the clemency hearings are like.

Tweed jacket
This jacket has nothing to fear

But this tweed jacket is totally safe because I wore it a lot last winter. I often wear it with a white or cream colored blouse and jeans, but this crisply-patterned blouse is a fun alternative. A brown tweed jacket like this also looks good with pale pink or lavender (a blouse or sweater) and ivory corduroys. So many options!

Close up
Cozy tweed will return in AW2015-16

I bought this jacket several years ago, but similar styles will probably be available next fall from JCrew and Smythe, and possibly Tory Burch. The banded waist gives this particular jacket its shape, but darts could achieve the same effect.


To brighten the look, patent leather shoes (dark purple) and bag (teal).

Bag shoes
Shine on

Photos: Lauren Ackil

Jacket: JCrew; Blouse: Talbots; Bag: Rafe NY: Shoes: Tory Burch Reva flats

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