High Priestess of Weirdy Green

Oyez, oyez! Summer is over. It’s fall. I’ll be clearing out my summer back-catalog and moving on to fall photos soon. I am reminded: Time to ransom all the winter coats that I stored at the cleaner’s. What a dull task for this weekend . . .

Before we turn to my favorite autumnal shades — and all things pumpkin spice — let’s have one last jolt of electrifying weirdy green in a summer weight poplin, shall we?

We shall indeed.

It is I! Your High Priestess of Weirdy Green

Is The Directorate a theocracy? Can I be the Directrice and a High Priestess at the same time?

I bought this dress during the summer of 2020 — I know, shockingly optimistic — because I could not resist the color.

It is supposed to be worn off-the-shoulder (actually, off one shoulder) with a flounce (bordering on valance) around the shoulders. I have styled it differently so as to be able to wear it to work . . . in my dining room. I’ve also worn it in my office downtown.

It’s kind of bizarre, but I sort of love it? The fit is very loose and the dress slides around the body, arranging its volume into continuously shifting shapes. It’s almost alive — the dress is doing tai chi while the body is walking or standing or typing — and there’s something entertaining in that.

In these photos, however, I am manipulating the dress
Manipulating sounds sinister; I am posing the dress

It’s been so long since I bought this dress that I’ve forgotten what alterations it required. It needed to be shortened by a few inches and I think the armscyes needed to be tightened?

The changes may be lost to the sands of time

I may continue to tinker with the sleeves. The right armscye cuts into the chest so sharply that, depending on how the dress is moving, a bit of my bra strap shows. If anyone were to notice, I would say it’s my slip. But I would be lying.

After all we’ve been through in recent years, does anyone really care about a little lingerie showing?
I didn’t think so

Since I gathered up the off-the-shoulder ruffle/valance and turned it into a shirred, round neckline, excess fabric drapes in the back, in the manner of a cowl.

The Photographer and Fatima were not on-board with this lazy finish. I think Fatima would have preferred to tighten and straighten out the back. The Photographer — in a rare intervention — attempted to flatten these folds.

Me? I like this unstudied, haphazard excess of fabric. But, as always, You the Jury.

I see wrinkles after a long day of sedentary tai chi; if only The Photographer had had a portable steamer

Just a reminder that Fatima is working from home, but is delighted to make house calls and office visits. When she visits my office, I put out the call to my co-workers in advance and invite them to bring in any of their clothes requiring alteration. You should do the same! You’d be surprised how many people have at least a couple of things that need fixing or adjustments. You can reach Fatima at fati.design_77@yahoo.com.

Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim (this will almost certainly appear on The RealReal); Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff; Bag: Sophie Hume Bolt Bag; Bracelets: John Hardy

Real dress, real model

7 thoughts on “High Priestess of Weirdy Green”

  1. Thanks to the Directrice, I have become a big fan of weirdy greens — and now spot them everywhere, with a little “I spy” voice in the back my head! I like the waist-cinching feature here. Very practical. The tai chi feature makes me wish for directrice gifs!

  2. I would love to see a t-shirt under this to balance the sleeves, in a contrasty color or pattern. That could also bring the dress into early Fall.

  3. I’m usually onboard with unusually structured clothing, but on this I’m with Fatima and the Photographer. On the other hand, the weirdy green is fresh and fun and perfect for fall.


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