Wardrobe Check

I have a long list of ideas (i.e., outfits) for posts written down, but no time to take pictures! So today’s post is coming from an unused cache of photos taken during the fall, which I was planning on publishing some time in the spring. If you look at these photos and experience seasonal dissonance, needs must!

Blowsy Milkmaid returns!
Also, green leaves on the trees!
Here, Blowsy Milkmaid is all buttoned and fastened

Blowsy Milkmaid looks upright, downright, and forthright*
Those of you with exceptional recall may remember that this top was once a ballgown. Fatima shortened it for me — or perhaps converted is a better descriptor given the magnitude of the change.
My need for full-length dresses is non-existent, but I saw a second life for this one. In its current iteration it works with equally well with jeans and grey flannel pants.

Isn’t this a much better life for the ballgown? It gets out much more often.
Speaking of getting out, I am in New Orleans for the weekend. I wore the Plate Wiper out to dinner and allowed the cuff to sit (briefly) in a dish of blackened fish covered with a buttery sauce. Oh no. My colleague and I consulted the Internet and immediately headed to CVS to buy Dawn dish soap, which is used to clean birds and marine mammals when they are contaminated by oil spills. The top is soaking in the bathroom sink of my hotel room right now. I shall report back.
Ballgown is living life of greater utility and purpose

One final shot, from behind. Fatima shortened this with an asymmetrical hem. It comes to an off-center point in the back.
To date, I have worn this top with skinny pants and straight-legged pants. I think I need to try it with full-length, wide-legged pants in a fluid (but structured) wool. I know that’s a lot of adjectives to juggle and arrange, but it might be very effective. What say you?
The point is over my right leg

Top: CF Goldman; Blouse: Talbots; Jeans: JCrew; Bag: Orla Kiely

6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Check”

  1. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

    The Dawn should definitely work (this is one of my favorite hacks). OxyClean spray is also a miracle worker. I’ve be able to remove set-in red wine stains out with that, though a buttery sauce is next level. Good luck!

  2. This will look great with full wide-legged pants! I don’t recall, did you actually have a spare ball gown in hand, or was it purchased with the intent of transforming it?

  3. Dawn is my favorite for removing stains. I make my own recipe laundry detergent with Dawn and a few other ingredients. It removes stains and hardly has any scent, something I like.


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