The Navy Suit Returns

I learned from family and friends that my postcards from Argentina started arriving this week. I think everyone thought I’d exaggerated my diligence in writing and posting them, but I sent so many.
The Photographer and I wonder where our postcards have been and what they’ve seen in the nine weeks since they were mailed . . . The one we sent to ourselves is telling no tales.

Nine weeks after our return and we (you and I) are still working our way through my Argentine treasures!
You may remember that I found some things in a charming craft shop?
Here I am wearing one such thing: a resin necklace.
A necklace that The Photographer has labelled “Jumbly Necklace”

In this photo, I look as though I’ve just been told to “look more noble”
I thought that a modern, graphic necklace like this would look best with a traditional suit . . . so I pulled out a bustier and pinstriped pants. And a t-shirt.

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen this suit facsimile. Not since 2015. It still works! It still fits!
What suit?

Enough about the non-suit. Let’s focus on the necklace.
It could be that someday I will look back on this period, 2018-2019, and wonder why I was wearing such odd jewelry. But I think this necklace has staying power.
Let’s do focus

Come close
I love the grey and white resin; some of the pieces look like marble, others like concrete. I also like the complexity of the squares inside the circles, the repetition of the shapes, and the variation of their sizes and proportions.

This necklace is supposed to be worn like a chain, so that the circles encircle my neck (a chain of circles), but I prefer a more concentrated necklace. A focal point! A bib rather than a chain! I also do not find irregular beads or voluminous chains resting on the back of my neck to be very comfortable, particularly when they do not lie flat.
Come closer

Come closest
I folded the necklace in half (approximately), pulled a couple of silk chords from the skein I bought on Etsy, and tied them to the “end” pieces. Et voila! This configuration showcases the clasp, which itself is rather droll and deserves to be seen. Do you see it?

Question for all of you, who know so many things. I’ve noticed that the resin has an odd, sort of sweet (but not appealing) scent — like too much baby powder. Do any of you work in resin and know how to get rid of that smell?

Have a fantastic weekend!
Bustier: Rebecca Taylor; Tee-shirt and Pants: JCrew; Bag: Humawaca; Shoes: Coach; Necklace: Autoria Shop

10 thoughts on “The Navy Suit Returns”

  1. Enjoying the slow rollout of your Argentine discoveries. I always marvel at your clever fashion hacks. Such a charming outfit. I’m wearing grey and black today myself today and carrying a yellow bag: I learned this elegant color combination from the Directrice.

  2. Great outfit Directrice! Re the smell, perhaps you could put it in a sealed/lidded plastic box in which you also place with an open bowl or cup full of bicarbonate of Soda, for a week or so. That might work to draw out the scent? You then just throw away the bicarb.

  3. I’ve had shoes with the same problem. I tried keeping them outside overnight, but really the thing that did it was time. The longer I had the shoes, the fainter the smell.

    Great outfit!

  4. I love the color yellow color splashes and that you bought a skein of silk cord on Etsy — do you nab textiles, fasteners, buttons and sundries when you see them, knowing you’ll use them for something even if you don’t yet know what, or do you go hard-target?

    • After years of partially completed sewing and craft projects, I have a considerable store of ribbons, flosses, threads, and buttons — so I am currently only buying things as needed. The skein was purchased several years ago when I needed one gold-colored silk cord; I bought a set of 12 cords in shades of gold/yellow/taupe and it’s been so useful.

  5. Beautiful outfit, love the color combination. That necklace is the

    I have been successful removing resin odors with newspaper. Wrap the necklace in newspaper and place in a box for a few days. Also, freezing the item could remove odors. Please read the labels on the necklace before freezing, wouldn’t want to damage it.


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