I’ll Be Back

Dear Readers:
Thank for your thoughtful messages! It’s so good of you to write. Hearing from you always lifts my spirits.
I’ll be back. Perhaps next week. The Photographer and I are fine, holed up in our apartment trying to minimize the spread of coronavirus and avoid the oppressive heat of July.

To tide you over, I offer the best part of myself: my cats.
You may remember the photo of Mr. Orange and Philo hiding under a coverlet? It was such a great photo that I asked The Photographer to have it made into a puzzle for my father, for Fathers’ Day. What better gift could I give, I ask you.*
And then of course I wanted a copy of the puzzle for myself. I put it together over the course of a weekend and then showed it to Mr. Orange.
Mr. Orange finds himself in a house of mirrors; I understand how he feels

This photo is so great, I think you need to see a larger image.

These days, don’t we all feel like Mr. Orange looks?

* As strange as it may seem to give someone a puzzle made from a photo of one’s own pet (not the recipient’s pet+), I know my dad. He loved it! It made him laugh and he did it right away. He assembled his puzzle much faster than I assembled mine.
+ Note: My parents don’t have a pet, but they are cat enthusiasts and they love me; therefore, they are always pleased to see a photo of my cats.

15 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back”

  1. I have been wondering how you are! Thank you for popping by. I suspect you may be having a similar trouble to me finding the right tone for the blog these days. I have been writing and discarding posts without posting for a few weeks, but soon, I will have a little something for my faithful few readers.

    • I am having difficulty finding the right tone, Hope. Even for a blog that has no seriousness in it. But your blog is more philosophical and you write well about emotions — keep writing and discarding and posting! But discard least.

  2. Thank you for the cat content!!

    I think you could still do an outfit blog. I think many of us are interested in how to look good for zoom meetings, for instance. I’m sure you and the photographer have some thoughts on that.

  3. Hello all. Thank you for the funny cat puzzle/father story! And I love seeing the pictures of Mr Orange. What a handsome fellow! Keep well everybody.

  4. Thank you for the update. I truly enjoy the cat photos. And it’s nice to hear how you and your readers are doing now. Truly fashion is social and when there is no social activities on the horizon it does make it harder to plan and devise outfits for events and activities that aren’t happening. So you take your time coming back and take care of yourself. That is the main thing for everyone now—self care is where it’s at.

  5. Great to see the cats! And I completely understand the parental gift and it’s given me an idea for a gift idea for my dad 🙂


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