Directrice Really Hearts Denim

It’s no secret that I love denim dresses.

I coveted this Marni dress at first sight several years ago, but could not possibly justify its cost — more than my wedding dress* — under any rationale.
When it appeared on The RealReal this spring at a fraction of the price, however, I couldn’t justify not buying it.
Another denim dress, but this one is really different from the others

Well . . . for the sake of argument, I will posit that I could have restrained myself on either of these alternate grounds:
1. I have no need for another denim dress.
2. It’s too small for me.
What is, “too small”?

Directrice, those are solid grounds
I demur

It’s a size 2 and just a half inch too small.
There is a potential fix. I could have Fatima take the skirt up at the waist. This would create a little ease through the hips and natural waist. But it would also require removing the zipper.
For now, we will just wear the dress snugly.
Who cares what those Directrices think?

Come closer and visit the neckline and brooch.
Does it look tighter up close?

Good side
Bad side

Some might think this puckering is ruching!
It could be ruching.
The back

This luscious red coral is so smart against a dark denim. At the center is a miniature piece of mosaic work.
Non-edible brooch

Before the end of the summer, I think I need a theme week: Denim Unleashed, in which I wear a denim dress or skirt every day and see if anyone notices.
Years and years ago, when I was in my first post-college job, sharing an apartment with my best friend (and college roommate), we would periodically announce theme weeks.** My favorite was Maturity Week.
Who doesn’t love a theme

Dress: Marni; Brooch: Rebecca Collins; Shoes: Skechers; Bag: Coach
* For perspective, however, my wedding dress was not that costly. I got it from JCrew.
**We would announce the themes — which generally centered around organizing papers and paperwork (which we seemed to have an abundance of, even then), exercise, dieting, and saving (or not spending) — but we never really implemented them. Since we are both turning 50 this year, I think it’s time for another Maturity Week.

19 thoughts on “Directrice Really Hearts Denim”

  1. What a fabulous dress! The cut is so very Directrice. I find it hard to resist denim dresses (and skirts!), and would very much enjoy a Denim Unleashed theme week. I also need to know what activities take place during Maturity Week. Retirement planning? Wardrobe purging? Sensible eating?

  2. p.s. Where I live in Canada we have our own version of Maturity Week when we turn 50: we get letters from the provincial health care system “inviting” us to book colon cancer screening and mammogram appointments. Very mature indeed!

  3. How about a mash-up: Mature Denim Week? I have a pair of button-fly Levi’s from the ’90s I could wear in solidarity. (Really love the shoes with the dress, which has a kind of mermaid look to my eyes.)

  4. Oooh — it’s lovely, but a snug dress is never fun in my experience. I support taking it to Fatima. It might even look a better with a shorter hem as the pointy diagonal bit is rather long. Luscious brooch does look edible!

  5. It wouldn’t be an inexpensive alteration but I think she could fix that without having to take the entire zipper out. Zippers can be shortened. She’d just unsew it to above where she shortens the torso and then sew it back in. I agree that it wouldn’t hurt for the hem to come up a little. It’s a good dress and seems like it could stick around in a wardrobe for some years. Sew the snap on that peplum top yourself and save your pennies for this.

    Do you have an uneven hemmed sweater or jacket you wear with it?

    • P.S. – I don’t think the dress is too small. I think it was cut for a mythical person with a long torso. It’s not you! It’s the dress.

  6. We should have had an Improve Your Memory Week because I have no memory of Maturity Week (what DID it entail?) and it clearly didn’t stick. But I will try again, especially since my almost-13 year old has also been requesting that I act more mature! Dress is lovely and good for you for never giving up on it! Is that maturity??

  7. I fully support Denim Week. The dress doesn’t look too small, and at first glance I did indeed think that the folds were ruching. I suspect a full day of wear will be enough to tell you whether it truly needs alteration. Denim does have a way of stretching a bit as it’s worn.

  8. Darn cute! The problem with a little tight is two fold. How are you being perceived and are you feeling pinched? The dress looks just fine, but being uncomfortable is not.

    • I agree with this wholeheartedly – it doesn’t appear visually to be too tight. Although it’s more snug than what we are used to seeing you in, you look lovely in it. But if you are uncomfortable, that’s another story. I think this is fabulous and adore the pop of red.

  9. Love the dress. If you hate it snug, I agree with the person who said you could add a strip of something on the sides if you have to. That could look cool.

  10. It’s a great dress, I agree. I suspect if you belted it that would deal with the slight bunching at the waist? I’m thinking one of your belts-with-presence would do the trick.

    • I think it probably centered around things like Cooking Dinner (we were 22), Ironing Work Outfit the Night Before, and Entering All Checks and ATM Transactions in Checkbook Register (it was 1991). As I’ve aged, I’ve given up entirely on the second and third activities.


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