It’s Getting Loud in Here

Continuing the Print Binge Confessional that started in early October, here is the last of the dresses that I foretold.

Surely you can understand the attraction?
The detail and color of this print approach botanical study quality, don’t they?
Set against this rich, atmospheric grey, I was helpless to resist its depths.
I was lost right here

In addition to the print, the dress has other attractions: floaty sleeves, romantic cuffs, and this remarkable waterfall effect down the bodice.
The Niagara Falls of my closet

Is it too much? I realize that the print is loud and I am showing it against a backdrop that includes colorful rugs and other patterns in the foyer but . . . I really like it.
An assured detail
The folds of the fabric show the fabric reverse which seems wonderfully . . . assured.

All this floaty, crinkly fabric, viewed in profile, however, is not exactly working.
There’s a lot of volume here.
Mon dieu! The volume might be mistaken for bulk!

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for the situation.
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

I bet Michelle is wearing a belt right now
That’s right. Michelle Obama would wear a belt and we should, too.

The Directrice, channeling Michelle Obama
Would Michelle add a scarf, too?

I couldn’t resist adding a scarf. I am not sure that it works, but the colors are perfect and I find that remarkable.
Michelle doesn’t wear small scarves. Occasionally she wraps a large scarf loosely around her neck, but I don’t remember ever seeing her tuck a small one into her collar.
Michelle would add a pile of necklaces and look fantastic

Before settling on a look, I thought I’d try a red belt, too.
This belt is made of red wool and matches a dress that you’ve never seen. It’s the perfect shade of scarlet.
Perhaps you will see mystery dress before the end of the year; it’s an old Badgley Mischka cocktail dress

Fatima feels that red is the right call
The red belt works with the dress, but does it work with the shoes? I am not sure.
Which belt do you prefer? Perhaps I need something in black suede or velvet.

Dress: Mikael Aghal from The Outnet; Black belt: DSquared2; Shoes: Tory Burch
In the photo at right, The Photographer said something risqué in an attempt to coax a lively expression out of me. He garnered outrage.
Not the look he was looking for

13 thoughts on “It’s Getting Loud in Here”

  1. Gorgeous print, lovely dress. I think the black belts are a little too black – the red belt makes the dress more beautiful, more itself. I also approve of the tiny scarf. Surely you have other coloured shoes if you don’t like the red belt with black shoes? Red? Burgundy? Dark brown? Aubergine? In other words any warm and reddish or dark colour, I think.

  2. The scarf is a must! May I suggest an expensive project for Fatima? Separate the skirt and the top so you can wear them separately, keeping the peplum ruffle at the waist with your top and leaving the rest of the ruffles with the bottom. Add a cream blouse and a wide belt to your new “skirt.”

  3. In the photo where you have added the red scarf – with the flowing sleeves of the dress, your outfit puts me in mind of a beautiful, traditional kimono. You have the best eye!!

  4. I love the black belt – it helps de-feminize the dress a titch – and I wouldn’t change a thang…
    LURVE this dress AND the scarf together. Tell the photographer that nasty and suggestive are two different things 🙂

  5. WHAT DID YOU SAY?? I actually don’t think the dress is that loud; the volume is more noticeable than the print. I like both belts but agree red belt needs reddish shoes. I also like the lipstick but think a brighter red could work nicely too!

  6. I like the scarf and I like the belt idea. I don’t like the first belt. A ruffly dress needs a dressier belt. With that scarf I would stick with a black or grey belt. The belt is about defining a waist, not about adding pattern or color to an already full dress. The scarf and the reddish belt are individually fine, but I’m too matchy to like them together.

  7. Both belts are good, but the red is singing to me.
    Could you tolerate a pair of stilettos for a cocktail party? I think the volume of your dress calls for elongation below the hem for optics balance.

    • I am not capable of wearing stilettos. I can barely manage my low-block heels. But I appreciate the idea. I do have a pair of elegant platform, patent leather shoes — maybe those would work.

  8. How do you anchor the scarf so that it doesn’t move around? I love the idea of using scarves as collars but can never get it to work. Do you have tips you can share?


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