A Win-Win Proposition

Like many of you, I vowed at the start of the pandemic to ruthlessly clean my closets, cabinets, and drawers, top-to-bottom, and rid myself of the greater of (25% of possessions OR anything that I have not been loving or using in recent years). Fourteen months later, I got down to business.
This is a win-win (for you and me) because the things I am shedding are really great. So here’s the deal:

  • If you want one of the things listed below, post a comment calling dibs below (or send an email to me c/o Harper@thedirectrice.com) and I’ll write to you privately to make arrangements.

  • Prices listed below are to cover UPS shipping (approximately $20 per package), a donation of $20/garment that I will send to Flatbush Cats (a TNR and rescue group based in Brooklyn), and a small contribution to my ice cream fund as a reward for my time/effort (actual value: beyond rubies). You can read about Flatbush Cats here.

  • I am happy to answer a question or two, but can’t commit to lengthy correspondence because . . . too much.

  • Everything is as-is. I take good care of my things, but these clothes are used, not new.

To help you gauge sizing and fit, I am generally a size 4, 5’3″ and 115 lbs — unless I am in a particular waning or waxing moment. I will note if something runs big or small.

Marni Top September 2019 ($25) (Fit: very forgiving, elasticized)
Ulla Johnson for Barneys Dress July 2017 ($50) (Fit: Very generous through the waist)

Eileen Fisher Dress July 2018 ($40) (Fit: Very forgiving)
Baum und Pferdgarten Dress March 2019 ($50) (Fit: Elasticized waist)

Jil Sander Dress Jan 2016 ($50)
3.1 Phillip Lim Dress October 2018 ($50)

Carven Dress March 2017 (Fit: Not forgiving)
Carven (enhanced by Fatima) March 2017 ($50)

Sir the Label Dress September 2020 ($40) (Fit: No defined waist, deep armscyes require camisole or slip)
Red Valentino Sweater February 2019 ($40)

Marni Jacket September 2015 ($30) (Fit: Boxy and long)
Marc by Marc Jacbos ($60) March 2018 (Fit: No waist)

Marni Top June 2019 (Fit: Very forgiving) ($30)
Les Copains Bustier March 2017 ($25) (Fit: Snug)

Tory Burch Dress April 2015 ($40)
May 2015 Rebecca Taylor Jacket ($50) (Fit: Boxy cut, no waist)

JCrew Jacket — in Stone NOT GREEN — July 2015 ($30)
Carven Top August 2016 ($25) (Fit: Very generous, adjustable waist)

Come back tomorrow for a regular outfit post!

18 thoughts on “A Win-Win Proposition”

    • If you were as tiny as the Directrice, your life would be a never-ending series of shocks when you catch sight of yourself in a window or glass door while standing next to another person and realize how small you are . . . It always startles me.

  1. Sometimes I wish I was tiny and Directrice-like. I would scoop up several of these beauties. Other times I really enjoy being 6 feet tall.

  2. How I wish these clothes would fit me, but they will not. I would have difficulty choosing which item to purchase. Will you be posting any accessories like purses or scarves — one size fits all items?

    • Perhaps! (Perhapselberry!) But I fear that the transaction costs and inefficiencies of such an effort would exhaust me. In December, I turn our TV room into “Santa’s Workshop” to manage the logistics of receiving, organizing, wrapping, packing, and mailing holiday gifts — but from the activity level and mess, you would think I was actually launching the James Webb Telescope.

  3. I am an inch shorter than you but not the same size, lol. I have worn size 6 before but never a 4 so I doubt any of these would fit me except maybe the Marni jacket. Can it be worn open? And does the belt come with it as I recall you sometimes wear jackets with or without belts. And like Laura, what about any of the clever jewelry? Any possibility of those being possible as considerations?
    And now that you are emptying out your closet, more shopping? I too am attempting to downsize my closet and having a terrible time at it.
    All the best on this project!!!

    • Thank you, Sheila. I don’t think the Marni jacket would look like much open — in part because of the fastenings, but also because the asymmetrical line would be lost. May I suggest the Rebecca Taylor jacket — since you are my height (more or less) and looking to wear an open jacket? The Rebecca Taylor Jacket is boxy and forgiving, made of a fluid fabric that works well on the petite form.

      I will keep in mind the Directorate’s interest in accessories and hideo-marvelous jewelry!

  4. I’m a standard medium on top, do you think that “forgiving” Marni top would work for me? –ah, never mind, I’ll take it! I have a friend it will be perfect for.

    What’s the size & fit like on the Tory Burch dress?

  5. I would love to purchase the Marc by Marc Jacobs grey jacket with gold buttons. Can you let me know the size? Thanks, a fellow CI borg, Jean

  6. Hi! I was wondering if you ship to Canada. I am interested in the Tory Burch dress if it is still available. Thank you!:)

  7. Hello Directrices, I am interested in about 4 things the bustier, blue and white spot ruffled dress, the grey Marc Jacobs jacket if not already taken and the grey carven dress, what do you think postage to Tasmania Australia will do to me? It doesn’t need to be fast!

  8. I had to quick pin that EF outfit to remind myself what a great save that was. Her things can be so shapeless. The sweater and belt are really good with that.

    I recently found out my size is considered a “small fat” which I like to think of more as “trim but not tiny.”


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