It’s September 23rd and I am still showing you summer clothes. I have another 3-5 summer posts before we’ll change seasons. I hope you can accept that. (Note: There is no alternative.* Also, I have no ideas — yet — for fall.**)

Fortunately, the seasonal dissonance you might experience by looking at my summer clothes in September is reduced by the fact that I saved the most fall-ish colors and fabrics for the end of summer. Not intentionally, but that’s how it’s worked out.
Witness this smocked silk top — Marni, purchased from The RealReal — in a rich cinnamon shade.
Sun so bright, can’t help squinting

Ah, that’s better
I am a little torn over this color. Half of me thinks it’s beautiful and sophisticated and the other half (perhaps it’s just a third or a quarter) thinks, “Is this RuST? Ugh.”
Love it or hate it, I think it’s best paired with optical white. In fact, I can’t picture it with another color. With black it might read muddy. Perhaps it could be worn with dark denim or just the right shade of tan? I am curious to hear what you would wear this shade of orange-brown with. Do tell!

The high-neckline and smocking on this top make it more interesting than the average sleeveless summer tank. You can’t see the back, but it closes with three snaps that are spaced 4 inches apart — which adds a little needed nonchalance. I am wearing a black silk camisole underneath for coverage, but red, ivory, or bright orange could be worn, too, for a little extra visual interest.
To dress things up, I’ve added a necklace.
That’s right, I can barely be bothered to fasten my clothes

Too big to stuff in my mouth, so I like to stare at it instead
A pendant that looks like an old-fashioned pocket watch, filled with tiny silver beads.
This necklace seems slightly gothic, a touch steampunk, to me.

In the alternative, a little extra color can enliven this cinnamon top: melon, teal, olive, aqua, pink, raspberry, ochre, cranberry with RuST. How is this combination working?
And yet, it is; I told you that these beads go with everything

These wonderful beads are both playful and sophisticated at the same time: the combination of colors and patterns achieve an extraordinary harmony even though they neither match nor
How and why I cannot explain. This is an instance where we must just accept and enjoy the mysteries of the universe!
The beads are magic

If you haven’t seen last Thursday’s post, please take a look. I thought all of you (the DIYers, the Avant Gardists, the diligent accessorizers) would go wacko for my Anthropologie necklace hack — but the reader response was far greater to Monday’s old white pants. Another mystery of the universe that I must simply accept and enjoy.
Top: Marni from The RealReal; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: JSlides; Bag: Sophie Hulme Bolt Bag; Silver necklace: Ann Demeulemeester
* I guess there is one alternative. You could boycott. But you wouldn’t, would you?
** The impending lack of inventory and inspiration is our bigger problem. If you have an idea for a post — Ask The Directrice! — please submit it now.

10 thoughts on “Cinnamon”

  1. cinnamon is a great description for this color. very apt. and i do like it paired with white. but i think you could also consider pairing it with various blues- if you have them. dark blue denim, certainly. but an intense, deep cobalt might also work well. or a pale blue!

    you look fab had a post on mixing earth tones with cool colors recently, that might offer more inspo:

  2. Agree with Erin on the pairing with blue!
    And a suggestion for a future topic: How about a series on your outerwear (with pictures)? Specifically coats over office clothes. This request is inspired by the rainy and autumnal Dublin weather as well as a looming coat purchase.

  3. Yes, that color is rust. It’s a great color. I like to wear it with various shades of blue, olive, and black.

    The beads are indeed magical.

  4. Cinnamon is a great color for brown-eyes and redheads (and I’m both), along with the whole red-brown palette including rust, terracotta, etc., and I have a good deal of it in my closet. I pair it with black, white, green, other browns. It would also look great with the right shade of cream, orange, yellow, and blue for someone else. Think autumnal. What colors do we see in autumn? If it works in nature, it works on you. If it works on you, then it IS you. 😉

  5. I love the colorful beads, but of course I laughed laughed laughed at your caption to the photo of the pendant. Reminded me of my daughter liking to suck on my favorite necklace, which is made of a melted marble. (Wish I could attach a picture of it.)

    My daughter is too old to suck on a necklace, as are you, but she did this as a toddler.

    As for inspiration, I thought the recent NYTimes Style article about sustainability in fashion becoming fashionable for some designers would resonate.

  6. Given that we topped 90 degrees today I think Summer in September is fine.
    I like that rust color but would avoid it with black because I think that looks witchy.
    I like that you’ve paired the top with straighter pants. The wide legged pants, which I like very much, and the poofy top would be too summery for September.

  7. I love that color in all seasons! Klein blue, pine green, deep bright violet or raspberry, buttercream, heathered charcoal, dusty peach, chartreuse and ivory, mid-blue denim, steel blue. Treat it as you would copper jewelry – it complements or strikingly contrasts the same colors.

  8. Ask the Directrice ideas:
    * a special post on your eyewear… sunglasses and specs both
    * a special post on your closet – it’s been a while – are you storing your clothing differently?
    * a special post on caring for your clothes – you keep them so well for so long – HOW
    * a special post on dressing up for celebrations
    * a special post on your handbags
    * a special post on your watches
    * your thought process on choosing accessories


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