Stop Making Sense


In looking over the late winter sales in January, I came across an unbleached canvas jacket and said to myself, This would be perfect for work!

To work we go!


Was that a collective yelp, Directorate?

Surely you understood that the photo I saw represented, to me, an invitation? An opening bid, if you will.

I was so drawn by the way this raw bleached canvas had been worked into a sculpture. Trapunto stitching! Giant rosette! There’s so much structure built into this jacket, it almost doesn’t need my body.

Nevertheless, here’s how I thought to wear the jacket.

I didn’t simply think to wear it; I am in fact wearing it

I made only one modification: I removed the shoulder pads and took in the shoulders by approximately 2-3 inches. I think that counts as one modification.

The shoulders were huge. The whole jacket is intended to fit big, but the shoulders, on me, in Washington D.C., could not be justified.

Even with the shoulders reduced, the jacket is still oversized and boxy. It reminds me of David Byrne’s massive suit in Stop Making Sense and that is a pleasing association.

Worthy of emulation


Rosette is dropping here, but still dramatic


I am showing my bad side so that you can see the jacket’s best side.


Maybe it’s just a flounce, not a rosette. Whatever we call it, it’s awesome.




This jacket may require full-length, not cropped, pants for balance. But I do think it needs fitted trousers. For now, these ponte pants fit the bill.

Jacket might look good with a striped tee underneath?

Back looks pretty normal; even the enormous sleeves don’t seem that big in this view


The jacket can be cinched at the waist with a loop of twill tape.


Come closer to examine the ruffle.

It’s a windy day and the ruffle is very animated

I think you need this full screen image to really understand what spoke to me
Twill tape belt operates like a drawstring


Jacket: Jacquemus; Shoes: Steve Madden

10 thoughts on “Stop Making Sense”

  1. I love this jacket, in all its volume and fascinating details. How will you clean it? I envision those cuffs getting dingy in the every day of metro and working at a desk.

    • I think the trick will be to take it to cleaner after every second wearing. There is a really great cleaner — Parkway — located in North Bethesda/Rockville that works miracles, so I would probably bring something this special there.

  2. The fly away part of the ruffle needs to be restrained or cut off and the sleeves turned over. You will still have an outspoken jacket and that I like.

  3. I like those pants. Even with your modifications the jacket is oversized. You are petite. I think fitted pants showing your ankles sharpen the look.

    I don’t like things flapping around my wrists so I don’t know that I could go all day with those sleeves.

  4. This is art! The pants are perfect in my mind. I love that you didn’t wear jewelry and let the blazer take centre stage!


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