Variations on a Theme

  Earlier this year, The Directorate celebrated the acquisition of the perfect (for me) cropped white denim and off-black denim. I thought you might like to know how the denims have been doing.   * Sometime, long ago, we discussed natural, aluminum-free deodorants. After trying several, I settled on Schmidt’s, which comes in several appealing … Read more

Lights! Camera! Action Slacks!

  While noodling around on the Internet last week, an article grabbed my attention: I Work from Home and Only Wear Sweatpants from These Seven Brands.*   Think about all that is embedded in that title. The author has at least seven pairs of sweatpants. The author has bought so many pairs of sweatpants that … Read more

We’re Off!

  To celebrate my fiftieth birthday, we are taking a trip!   After a day of rest and light exploration of our hotel environs, our sight-seeing started in the Cementario de La Recoleta — a vast cemetery of mausoleums with crypts beneath them. This started as a public cemetery in the early 19th century, but … Read more

Blending In

  I occasionally wonder whether being “properly dressed” is determined by reference to normative standards or relative ones. As with many legal questions, the answer is, It depends. While there are normative standards for attire, at the end of the day, proper dress is about respect for your host. You should dress the way that … Read more

Why We Should Dress Up for Jury Duty

  In the District of Columbia, registered voters and licensed drivers are summoned for jury duty in the Superior Court every two years, almost like clockwork.   As you can see from the pictures, I am completely respectable in Business Casual, but I’m not that dressed-up.     Out of a pool of 100 prospective … Read more

Voting with Your Wallet

  For many people, clothing is medium of artistic self-expression. Clothing can also be a way to express, and advance, your values — and given that clothing might be the largest discretionary line-item in your budget, that’s worth thinking about. What do I mean? I am not talking about wearing slogan t-shirts. (Remember: Legible clothing … Read more

The Case for Being Properly Dressed

  When I was a young associate at my firm, one of the partners asked me to participate in a panel at a professional conference that is always heavily attended.  He asked me because, in his words, “You’ll add diversity.  The conference sponsors care about that.”  Oddly touched and weirdly motivated by this invitation to … Read more