Belated Casual Friday: In Honor of Doris Day

For the last day of August, I offer: a sundress and bright sandals. The first time my best friend saw me wearing this dress she said, “You look just like Doris Day!”

Paired with a white jacket or sweater, it’s just right for the office on Casual Friday. A Casual Friday like the one I missed last week. . . .
Que sera, sera
Casual Friday delayed is not Casual Friday denied

Action shot
Action shot: The Directrice fluffs her dress


This dress is made of an ultra-light cotton and silk blend (75% cotton, 25% silk), so despite the shirring on the bodice and at the waist, this dress is not bulky. The dots are neither woven nor printed — they’re actually appliques. They look like champagne bubbles.

If you have been following this blog for a few months, you may realize (when you think about it), that I wear black shoes unrelentingly for most of the year. But in the summer, I like colorful footwear. This combination — yellow dress, orange sandals — reflects my preference for combining primary and secondary colors that live next to one another on the color wheel: yellow with orange, red with orange, red with purple, purple with blue, etc. But these combinations are not reserved for summer; looking forward to a beautiful, and colorful, fall here in Washington, DC!

Dress: Vince; Sandals: JCrew; Bag: Orla Kiely; Watch: TechnoMarine

7 thoughts on “Belated Casual Friday: In Honor of Doris Day”

  1. A glorious outfit! Your dress is lovely on you Directrice. A charming classic style. Your big watch makes the ensemble grown up and grounded. Yellow is such a pretty and interesting colour, don’t you think? I like it a lot with your orange sandals. I haven’t thought of yellow and orange before. I think yellow colour combinations are so clever and always appear a little eccentric. I am going to try yellow (a white and egg yolk yellow linen skirt I have, which is a favourite) and a new khaki scoop neck tee shirt this summer with chocolate brown sandals. You could do this too, with your field jacket and this dress. Previously I have worn my skirt and my favourite bright blue in a top, and of course with red or black. I feel at risk of being a bit bee-like in the yellow/black/white, unless I wear tan shoes. I love interesting colour combinations and find them very thrilling. Thank you so much for another delicious and amusing post!

  2. You look like summer itself. Cheerful yellow and that airy, light-hearted dress could not be more perfect. I always learn something from you about how to have fun with clothing!

  3. My wife totally enjoys your blog and I am a big fan as well. I would like to tell some professional women who are colleagues or business acquaintances about your blog, but don’t want them to think that I am being critical of their appearance. So, to avoid hard feelings, I haven’t spread the word as far as it should be spread. Any suggestion of how to do this tactfully?

    • I would say, “Do you follow any style bloggers? You may enjoy The Directrice because it’s funny and fun, and directed at accomplished and professional women.” You might be surprised by how many women do follow style blogs; it’s a little guilty pleasure . . . not unlike Sons of Sam Horn!


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