My Big Idea Returns

Several weeks ago, I revealed unto you a creation — envisioned by me, executed by Fatima — being worn not as originally intended. When I say, not as originally intended, I mean not as originally intended by me.

Today, I reveal the original vision.
The hounds-tooth bolero with lace blouse and jeans.
My original vision

Kind of cute, right?
Interestingly, this bolero touched off a minor debate in a thread-jack on Corporette. Some people really disliked it.
I accept partial responsibility for the negative reaction. I knew, as I was doing it, that it was a mistake to photograph an acorn squash colored dress in a yellow foyer.

Wait. What? Hold the phone!
This side view was unanticipated.
I know what you’re going to say.
I can hear you in my head, as I am typing this

Not that blouse with loose jeans, Directrice. Your pants need to be 100% tighter!
But I love my old Lucky Brand jeans. Over the years as my weight has fluctuated they’ve been loose, then tight, then unwearable, then loose — and the weight fluctuations have not been that large. I envision this cycle repeating five more times before I die (and am buried in the Pieced Wonder).
Tant pis

A little ease can be so nice
What can I say?
Sometimes I like wearing loose clothes.

When all is said and done, I like this jacket better with a dress than this casual outfit, but all things considered, I am satisfied.
Directrice, never stop never stopping

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the cherry blossoms in full bloom. While the Tidal Basin presents breath-taking vantages — seeing all those trees together — there are many flowering trees all over D.C. We’ve wandered over to U.D.C. to walk around the campus and there are pale pink blossoms dotting the grounds. So beautiful.
We are in full bloom

Regardless of how you feel about the jacket or the jeans, there is one thing we can all agree on: my sweet cats. Look at that face!
Have a fantastic weekend!
The Resigned Mr. Orange with his BFF, Philo Farnsworth

Jacket: Rokh blouse (turned around, reshaped, shortened); Blouse: Anthropologie; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Sunglasses: Illesteva; Shoes: Coach

16 thoughts on “My Big Idea Returns”

  1. You know what? I am coming around to your loose jeans, I think that they look stylishly nonchalant and fashion forward. I think that I am over skinny jeans for the next few years! And I LOVE that jacket

  2. I am a fan of loose, straight-leg jeans and like the side view very much! I also like the bolero better with this outfit, but as a general matter cannot get my MIND AROUND how you could see that item online and envision not one, but multiple, ways to wear it. Applause. There is no way I could manage those sleeves, especially while eating.

  3. Well, I was the one holding the camera! We were short on time that day and I didn’t think through the color scheme. The gravity of the consequences is only now beginning to sink into me.

    I have been urging The Directrice to wear the Pieced Wonder to work for YEARS. In the winter she tells me it’s a spring dress. In the spring she tells me it’s a fall dress. I keep chasing that dress around the calendar. Readers, please help me!

    • The Pieced Wonder is AMAZING. The colors/patterns/mood of it says June to September to me, but the fabric does look substantial… so perhaps by DC weather standards that’s like asking me to wear a coat in July?
      (Side note: it is this reason that I have trained myself never to buy short-sleeved sweaters other than as a layering piece for winter. There are maybe 2 days per year when the weather is juuuuust right for short sleeves in a heavier fabric.)

      • Your side note reminds me of one of my most frivolous purchases of all time: a cashmere halter top from J.Crew. It requires weather hot enough to facilitate a halter top, but cool enough for cashmere. In other words, I never wore it.

    • I’ve realized that The Pieced Wonder isn’t clothing, it’s ART — and it shouldn’t be worn, it should be DISPLAYED. Will be turning the den into a museum . . .

      • But it’s art that’s supposed to be worn. Unworn, it’s unrealized, static, lifeless. It needs you to breathe life into it and enable it to reach its true potential as art. Wear The Art! Wear The Art!

  4. Fooyee(sp?) to that threadjack nonsense.
    I bet the negative commenters didn’t post a selfie of their OOTD.

    • Oh, they were kind in their criticism. The Photographer told me that the NYT has run a series of old, but contemporaneous, book reviews in which masterpieces like Ulysses were shredded by the critics — suggesting that my genius will be universally recognized after death!

  5. And my genius too! In fifty years the Met will be running retrospectives of my Directrice photos with learned commentary on how they were subtle, and at the time unrecognized, meditations on color, consumerism, sexuality, aging, and death.

    • Your work will be revered as a searing indictment of conspicuous consumption and greed and historians will marvel at the fact your model had no idea of what you were really doing.


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