The Getaway

After five months without leaving Northwest Washington, D.C. — and scarcely leaving our apartment — The Photographer and I decided we needed to get away.+

Thinking about it, this (February-August) is the longest I have gone without getting on an airplane since I was in college . . . and that was 30 years ago.
I don’t particularly miss flying, but I do miss going places.
The Photographer poked around and booked us a few nights’ stay in Boyce, Virginia, which is approximately 75 minutes outside D.C.
The Directrice beholds a meadow

Pushed to brink of sanity by coronavirus and election
I am a little embarrassed to admit that we packed three suitcases. We are only away three nights.
The suitcases are small and contain various coronavirus (anti-coronavirus) supplies — but still. I think we’ve lost our touch and possibly our grip.

We are staying at L’Auberge Provencale, an inviting, comfortable inn serving excellent food and surrounded by beautiful grounds.
They also make the best cookies: madeleines and chocolate chip cookies. I might have come just for the cookies.
Trying to teleport

Today we visited the State Arboretum of Virginia, which enabled me to impress the beauty of meadows upon The Photographer. Sometimes we have idle chats about finding a place outside the city. He wants a cabin in the woods. I prefer rolling hills and meadows.
Re-materialized in solid form

The arboretum staff are fighting a constant battle to maintain native grasses, plants, and wildlife. Part of those efforts involving controlled burning (which we could not do) and brush hogging (which we possibly could do, as it is a type of mowing). Perhaps some things are best left to trained professionals. Many things. Many things are best left to trained professionals.
What photo would he chose?
In October, The Photographer and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Over dinner this evening, he began his decennial report. He thinks he’s taken more than 40,000 photos of me, which prompted me to ask: Which one would you give the police if I went missing?
He had no ready answer!*

Look at the beautiful garden outside our room.
I did tell The Photographer that gardens are a lot of work

Me, coming through the garden
I can’t see either of us spending time in a garden — at Cabin in the Woods or House Overlooking the Meadow — but we do appreciate the beautiful work of others.

It’s been nice to have a change of scenery — and so close to Washington, D.C.
I thought our departure would also benefit Mr. Orange and Philo. I imagined that, after spending so much uninterrupted time with us, they would enjoy having the apartment to themselves. But they looked forlorn when we left. Oh no.
Well, we’ll be back soon enough!
Outfit Notes: Proportions are everything. A cropped, fitted sweater balances these wide-legged, high-waisted pants.
Carrying all the things The Photographer left in our shady afternoon reading spot

Sweater: Finders Keepers (purchased in New Orleans); Pants; JCrew; Sandals: Wonders
+ Also, we’re trying to support local and small businesses. The hospitality industry has taken such a hit.
* I think both of us thought of a particularly terrible photo, in which I look Woody Allen and seem to be yelling. But I’d like to think he’d give the police a photo in which I am back-lit and appear to be an angel.

13 thoughts on “The Getaway”

  1. I picked the place because it looked easy to stay at safely. Short drive = no bathroom stops; all meals are at outdoor tables; no lobby or other common indoor spaces to worry about. Our recreation consists of outdoor excursions. We asked to have no housekeeping (but will still tip when we leave.) We booked an extra day so the room would be unoccupied for at least 24 hours before our arrival. We brought our own new pillows and will toss them when we leave. We feel safe here and it’s really peaceful and beautiful.

    • Congratulations on the anniversary and thank you as always for the lovely pictures. But forgive me if I intrude – why toss the pillows ? They can easily come home with you since it sounds like you are driving your own vehicle, and should be fine for subsequent use at home, for guests or as a donation after some sensible sufficient time has elapsed for any bugs to die off, no ?

      • I guess that’s true. They were cheap pillows ($20 on Amazon) and they would take up a lot of space in our already tight closets. We could donate them…but who really wants a donated pillow, especially now?

  2. Thank you for sharing your trip experience and a very nice view of a comfortable and classic outfit combo. I love places like L’Auberge Provencale. It looks beautiful and serene. Do let us know how the cats are when you return, I am sure they did fine. And good tips, Michael on why the location was chosen and how to stay safe while traveling in these times.

  3. I somehow, in the working from home franticness of the last 6 months (I’m involved in education technology…I’ve never been so overwhelmed by work…) I realized I’d stopped checking blogs. Or reading anything fun. I don’t know what struck me today, but I’m so glad I did. I’ve known that we are roughly peers, and live a bit vicariously through your life in DC; I left when I was 30, and I have certainly loved other places, there are not that are DC. But now I learn we have the same wedding anniversary!! Happy Anniversary!! I believe 10th anniversary gifts might be mask and hand santizer? I’ll have to check the etiquette books.

    • Happy Anniversary to you, to Kimberly. My blog consumption has gone down, too, while working remotely. Somehow I am working more than ever and all the time previously spent in transit — which I thought would be spent exercising, while at home — has been consumed with work. Egad. I hope that the holidays will provide a little breathing room and entertainment!


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