On My Toes

I have a lamentable tendency to wear insufficiently warm shoes during the winter. As often as not, I wear flats and oxfords without socks. I’ve always thought that I would do better if I could find better-looking cold weather shoes.

This winter may be a whole new ballgame.
Introducing my very warm boots.
Warmer footwear might make me a better person

A smarter person
A kinder person

I bought these boots as a gift (for someone else) and then realized that I needed a pair (too).
The boots came with a spare pair of shoelaces . . . purple shoelaces.
They’re almost too awesome to be real.
Don’t worry! She got hers and I got mine

From top-to-bottom, or side-to-side, take a look:
Leopard print

Metallic-threaded laces
Faux-fur cuff

When I wear these boots, my feet are enveloped in Cubby Time, which seems certain to make me a warmer, smarter, and kinder person.
Clearly the boots are the star here, but let’s not overlook my last Orla Kiely bag.
“Last” not by my choosing.
Oh no

If there is one thing that I always thought I’d be able to count on, it was having a new batch of Orla Kiely laminated fabric bags to look at each season.
But Orla Kiely — the company — went into a voluntary liquidation in Q3 2018. Oh no. By December 2018, there weren’t that many bags left in retail inventories, but I found this one at Tabletop on Dupont Circle.
At least the last bag is a big one

Ferocious ribbing
For those who wanted a closer look at my sweater coat — the subject of this post in 2016 — The Photographer got right in its face to capture the ribbing for you. So brave!

I love the boots and the bag and wanted to wear both home for Christmas, even thought they aren’t exactly made for one another. So I added my Sweeney Todd laminated tunic, a white blouse, and Pilgrim belt, and headed for the airport looking a little like a Dominatrix Elf escaped from Santa’s Workshop. When I arrived home, my mother did ask, What are you wearing? A fair question, that I couldn’t really answer.
Sweater coat: Theory; Pants: JCrew Campbell wool capris; Blouse: The Lady and The Sailor; Boots: JCrew Nordic Boots in Leopard Calf Hair on very big sale; Bag: Orla Kiely Scallop Flower Spot Messenger Bag (still available through some U.K. stockists)

9 thoughts on “On My Toes”

  1. Those boots would cheer me up every time I look down. I love how the furry tops let you wear black capris with them. (And, oh, your poor mother . . . )

  2. A lovely outfit and lovely post. And I agree that, in an all round way, nicer shoes make for better behaviour, which is a really strange and universal human phenomenon come to think of it. I can think of many quotes along those lines (i.e. unshined shoes are the end of civilisation). Re the bag, it’s quite sad when a favourite product or manufacturer winds up. Many times there is simply no substitute for the outmoded and discontinued but loved thing. This post was founded on a strange sort of whimsical and melancholic fashion pondering!


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