The Ring of Power

I asked my husband what The Rings of Power is based on, as I believed that Tolkien source material had been stretched past capacity with the real-time enactment of The Hobbit over three films. He explained that The Rings of Power is based upon the appendices Tolkien wrote to provide explanations and background for the geography, customs, languages, genealogies, etc. of persons and places presented in The Lord of the Rings. My initial reaction was disbelief . . . that anyone would watch a film based on, essentially, really long footnotes without characters, plot, or even narrative. But then I realized that if Jane Austen had written an additional 500 pages of stuff about things that appeared in Pride & Prejudice . . . I’d watch that!

For me, the phrase “Rings of Power” only resonates when I consider my plan to acquire a few interesting rings for my right hand. I’ve never been much of a ring-wearer, but this is certainly a fertile area for art jewelry. Realms to conquer and all!

This plan is also based on my optimism that we are moving back toward more in-person activities and events. A ring has to be really large to register on Zoom but it need only be over-sized to attract notice at a party.

Are you wondering where the ring is? We’ll get to it

Ring is not visible here

Before we focus on the ring, here is another statement blouse from the Summer of Statement Blouses.

This Tanya Taylor top is beautifully made: a soft cotton blend that holds its shape through interior structure, fully-lined, with emphatic (but not dizzying) stripes. Perfection. It looks a little like an old-fashioned piece of candy.

Do you see the resemblance?

Licorice Allsorts

Whoops! I got those captions wrong.

I ordered this top on-line and did not realize until it arrived that the back closes with only two tiny buttons (one at the neck and one at an impossible-to-reach spot between the shoulder blades) and the tie at the waist. So, not the most secure closure, but as we discussed in the last post: Does anyone really care about seeing a camisole anymore? I don’t think so.
Take it in
From all sides

Now on to the main event. The Statement Ring!

I found this wonderful ring at Vetri Gallery in Seattle, while visiting for a conference and board meeting. Must always make a little time on business trips to engage with local galleries.

The gallery director was such a delight: so generous with her time and so enthusiastic about the pieces and artists represented in her gallery. I highly recommend a visit if you are in or visiting Seattle.


What’s that? You can’t see the ring? Well, you need to come closer.

No need to social distance from the content on this website
Plus, I’m wearing a mask and you’re wearing a mask

This Kristin Lora ring is made from an industrial insulator, mounted on a sterling silver band. It spins, which I find very entertaining. The graphic stripes offer a little punch to an otherwise simple dress or casual combination like the one I am wearing here.

Feel the power

I have a number of posts stacked up (in my mind) and have been delinquent in timely writing and publishing them — so you may see a rush over the next week. Please don’t fail to look back at Friday’s post.

Top: Tanya Taylor Kelsey Stripe Top; Pants: Prana Halle Straight Pant II; Sneakers: Gola Coaster Rainbow Mule Plimsolls (on huge sale, as are many other cute Gola sneakers); Tote: Les Toiles du Soleil; Bag: Sophie Hulme Bolt Bag

5 thoughts on “The Ring of Power”

  1. You didn’t mention the ring can also function as a weapon, amplifying a punch. But perhaps you are a pacifist.

    I love the ring–and the top. And the Gola sneakers. I haven’t heard of that brand before. I am looking for a new sneaker. Now I am in a tug-of-loyalty with Converse versus trying something new to me. I did not need this extra stress, Directrice!

    Maybe both.

  2. Leave it to the Directrice to find the One Ring to Rule Them All on her first go! That is definitely a ring with power. I love the way it’s both stripey and dotty. The spinning aspect could be dangerous because of the fidgeting/playing-with potential; maybe there’s a Directrice version of LoTR in which you must defend The Ring against would-be fidgeters…


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