Two Skirts Met a Pattern

During the summer, I like white skirts and pants. They capture the essence of summer.

A white skirt or white pants is also the basis of an extremely simple outfit formula, which is: WHITE SKIRTPANTS + X = Dressed.
In this equation, X can stand for almost anything (not, perhaps, fur vest, but almost anything), and you are good to go.
See how good we are to go?

We’re already gone
To demonstrate this point, I will be publishing a series of posts (WHITE SKIRTPANTS + X) over the course of the summer showing, um, white skirts and pants until you agree with me that this is a very easy approach to summer dressing.
We’ll all be crying uncle by Labor Day.

As you may remember, I don’t actually like skirts (and I dislike spending money on pants), so I am quite content to rely on old skirts and pants from season to season and to focus my efforts on the X part of the equation.
For summer, I bought a couple of Marni tops from The RealReal at a fraction of their original retail price.
Such a good idea!

Vivid colors, graphic print
A charming, blouson-style drape that’s not cut too close

The Photographer insisted that I share this shot. I agree that the background is very beautiful, but fear that I look too monumental . . . like the statute of a dictator.*
This is how The Photographer sees me

Come closer and take a look at this pattern.
Cadet blue, egg-yolk yellow, white and black

Now, let’s take a look at the same top with my old (very old) eyelet skirt.
Are you looking?
How could you avoid looking?

This pretty eyelet is actually sturdy, and is layered over a cotton lining.
Wall of eyelet

Finishing things off, my 2019 NSFW sandals: a leather and foam platform adaptation of the classic Teva sandal, which I bought only because the platform Tevas I really wanted were sold out. I have consoled myself with the thought that leather is more suitable for work than nylon webbing.
I have fallen hard for this BS luxury sport sandal fad, but I promise that I will never purchase a pair made by Prada or Fendi.
I hope I don’t break this promise

Top: Marni from The RealReal; Pinstripe skirt: Ganni; Eyelet skirt: Talbots; Bag: Coach; Shoes; Jslides Blakley Sandals; Watch: TechnoMarine
* Did you know that North Korea has developed a whole export industry in the economic sector of . . . statutes of dictators? C’est vrai!

14 thoughts on “Two Skirts Met a Pattern”

  1. I only bought my first pair of white jeans two years ago, and once I had them I didn’t know why I’d held out so long. It must have had something to do with those children I had along the way, who no doubt would have wiped their noses on or otherwise sullied my pretty white jeans the moment I stepped out of my room in them. I completely agree with the white skirtpants + X postulate and found it greatly simplified yet elevated my summer dressing. The Marni top is beautiful!

  2. I love the look of white pants/skirt and your ingenious formula, but I simply cannot be trusted to wear white bottoms without ruining them immediately. White tops are enough of a gamble :(.

    On the other hand, I would be delighted to live in a dictatorship of The Directrice, by comparison to our current one. We could call it…badumbum (incoming Napoleon joke)…The Directory! I’ll see myself out…

      • A most curious phrase — I had to look that one up. It’s going straight into the novel. And thank you! Last year I got her a Valentine’s Day card that said, “I am so glad I found you!” with a maze on the cover with a heart in the center. The one she got me said, “I am so lucky I found you!” with a lucky penny on the cover. What were the odds?

  3. Both outfits would work with NOT-NSFW shoes too, would they not? I love Marni so – will head over to the RealReal later today!

  4. I, too, only allowed myself to wear white pants a couple years ago. Kids and dogs and my mother’s voice in my head stopped me. But now I will not go back! I love a white pant in summer.

    But what is NSFW?


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