We Dowse Again

Long-time readers know that I will occasionally search for new ideas by using a garment like a divining (or dowsing) rod. Open closet doors, hold garment in front of you at arm’s length, squint a little, and all will be revealed.

Sometimes such revelations occur with even less effort . . . for instance, when I am putting away laundry. (Occasionally they have occurred when I have failed to put away the laundry, so there is no clear lesson here on housekeeping.)
I was recently putting away this striped blouse — new this winter — and realized that it was close in color to this dress.
Let’s talk about orange

My feelings about orange are mixed
An interesting pairing, non?

This dress is beautifully constructed: elegant folds bring to mind kimonos, origami, Frank Gehry.
The dress is rich and the blouse is humble, but they work well together.
The oranges are of different values, yet they work well together; it’s not about matching

Pulling my complex relationship with burnt orange out of the captions and into the body of the post in an attempt to achieve closure!
While I have reservations about the color, it is, undeniably, flattering to me and that is how I have come to own a burnt orange dress, coat, and blouse. Perhaps I love burnt orange.
The bag we will say is “bittersweet” — a brighter, less ambivalent shade.
It is no accident that I own this much burnt orange

These pieces demonstrate one of my favorite tricks: combining several shades of the same color. It’s easy to do, but looks sophisticated.
A fake-out; the sartorial equivalent of a deke

Have a fantastic weekend!
Dress: Jil Sander; Blouse: A.P.C.; Boots: Donna Piu; Bag: Tory Burch

13 thoughts on “We Dowse Again”

  1. I want something in burnt orange now. We have similar skin tone and hair color. You wear it well. The purse would be a perfect start to an ensemble. Summer will have other opportunities to showcase it; I remember some shoes with that color that were summer shoes of yours. Beautiful!

  2. I usually confine my orange to sensible navy partners, but this orange with orange and orange is pretty inspiring ! I’d probably take in the shirt cuffs a little though – the sleeves are currently too long to my eye but will look pretty gathered above the wrist when the cuff is made snugger.

  3. I once told my mother that I had developed a passion for orange, and she said (dryly) “you’ll get over it.” But i’m not over it! great outfit.

  4. Not may women look good in burnt orange, but it does flatter you so. I rather adore the coat myself, but would look sallow in it. Good for you!!! Any chance you have a pretty black silk scarf or black bold necklace to adorn this??? I think it would be attractive to bookend the boots.

  5. You look a treat! I am so happy to see this post. I love orange, and happily it loves me back. I have lots of it in my closet across all clothing and accessory categories. I especially admire this beautiful of dress of yours.

  6. I’m with MsZ: come for the fabulous outfits, learn a new word and pretend you know all about ice-hockey 😉


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