An Impractical Sweater Returns

Do you have any clothes that are so impractical as to be inconvenient? That you are willing to endure a little inconvenience for the enjoyment of wearing? Hopefully, you only have one thing that fits this description, and not a closet full of them.

Do you remember my Dying Swan sweater?
Impractical, inconvenient, and yet . . .
Here it is with an ivory tunic underneath. The sleeves of the tunic fill in the negative space created by the sweater’s deconstructed sleeves. Tone-on-tone works well because the sweater and blouse have distinct textures.
Are the sleeves deconstructed or articulated?

Things not to do while wearing this sweater:
Light candles on birthday cake for 12-year-old

Operate industrial lathe
Wash hands; this last is a problem because I wash my hands at least 20 times a day

I do have a trick for keeping the sleeves out of the sink when I wash my hands: I tuck the loose ends into the ties at the elbow.
Thusly managed, the sleeves present only a minor inconvenience.
For comparison, the sweater is not nearly as inconvenient as my overgrown hair

I am overdue for a haircut! Trying to manage the situation by tucking my hair behind my ears. Perhaps I need a skinny, mod head-band for times like this.
While I ponder the head-band, you have a fantastic weekend!
It is taking two hands — all hands — to bring my hair under some measure of control

Sweater: Intermix; Tunic: Vince; Jeans: JCrew; Shoes: Lazio Collezione; Bag: Orla Kiely

6 thoughts on “An Impractical Sweater Returns”

  1. I love a white sweater and that is a fancy yet uncomplicated sleeve. But I am particularly happy to see the return of the bunny purse!

  2. I like the sweater and the sleeves though I see inherent problems and am amused at the don’t do’s. I can think of a few more perhaps but alas, style wins out. Your hair is beautiful longer as well as shorter. Give it a try!

  3. The problem with the blouse is that you don’t see the graceful neckline of the sweater. When I went back and looked at it’s original debut I liked the back tie.

  4. The sweater is very lovely and I like seeing it again . I also like the blouse under it. The white on white is pretty. I would like to see it with another color or black as well.


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