A Gesture Toward Spring

It’s been hard to turn my thoughts toward spring when the weather has been so uncooperative.

In mid-April, I was wearing heavy winter sweaters.
Since I was wearing my heavy winter sweaters, I haven’t been packing them away for the summer. Now I am going to begin fretting about moths.
I’d like to think that the moths will get a late start on their breeding season, but I expect that they are really wedded to the Julian calendar and have not been waiting for a particular temperature to arrive.
A gesture is about right if I am only meeting spring halfway

Not sure how I really feel about this outfit, but content-gobblers must be fed
Here is an attempt to lighten up with: white; a floral print; a short-sleeved blouse and cropped trousers; my delightful (hideo-marvelous™) mules.

I am not so sure that I like this outfit. I love the top, but I am not sure if the v-neck really works on me. I know we’ve discussed this before, but my comfort zone — a complex polyhedron with unequal facets — has a few rigid boundaries. V-necks may be on the outside.
I have no uncertainty about this kicky peplum

I’ve been thinking about summer and realizing that since we’ve been together for three years now, you’ve seen all of my clothes. Or, you’ve seen all of my favorites.
Do you understand what I am saying? You are about to see Old Clothes, New Ways. I think accessories will play a significant role. Maybe there will be a couple of new things for summer thrown in.
Nor about this charming floral: flowers falling into infinite space

Top: Rebecca Taylor; Camp shirt: Theory; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff

8 thoughts on “A Gesture Toward Spring”

  1. I’m happy to see old clothes new ways, as I am on a quest to believe that old clothes new ways is the best way. Even as I eye all the new clothes in the shoppes.

  2. I like the smart springiness of this outfit (the floral blouse is fabulous) and think you look great. Don’t fear the v-neck, Directrice!

  3. i personally love a good v-neck. but! i think you could lessen the impact of this particular v-neck if you paired that vest with a charming black blouse.

  4. I agree with Erin’s suggestion! Keep the blouse layer black to make the slash of the black V less harsh. Light gray pants?

    That said, I don’t think anyone is obligated to wear ALL necklines just for the sake of variety; personally, I look best in bateau necks, turtlenecks, high v-necks, and collared blouses; lower necklines (whether a scoopneck or deeper/wider V) don’t quite match up with my facial structure or haircut (a shoulder-dusting bob). I just did a small closet purge and realized 3/4 of my “I never reach for this” pile are those two necklines.

  5. Why in the world are you worried about wearing a V-neck? You look great in these pictures. Not just saying that to give you props – I truly think that you may be overthinking the V-neck thing, based on these pictures. On a related subject, I’ve tried really hard to see what makes one side of your face the “bad side” whenever you mention it in captions, but I don’t see that either! Just goes to show: you’re always more critical of yourself than others are of you…

  6. I agree with Erin’s comment. I actually think the V-neck shape is very flattering with the rest of the vest and the pants – what throws it off is the stark white and the relatively boxy shape of the white shirt. A black blouse with a softer shoulder, or even a substantial black t-shirt with the right neckline might be less jarring.


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