Casual Sunday While Transitioning to Spring

I’m not complaining, exactly, but this has been the longest winter ever, right? It was 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Washington D.C. yesterday, on April 29th.

What to do when the temperature and the date are not in accord?
Color is your ally.
A bright yellow floral reads spring.
Reading spring, but feeling winter without a jacket

I hope that I am slowly convincing some of you that half-sleeve sweaters are very useful
A half-sleeve sweater is also your friend.
If I had a pair of full-length (not cropped) white jeans, this would be the perfect weather for them. But I do not, so I am wearing ivory corduroys.

This blouse combines two things I love: a Liberty print and yellow.
In May, I will wear it with dark rinse jeans and a navy jacket. It will look very smart.
Indeed, I see it with (and under) many things: white jeans, a grey jacket with jeans, a grey suit.
I am telling you about the yellow-navy pairing now, so you can think about it — but it won’t be a duplicate post when I publish it!

A hint of floral peaking out of the sweater’s neckline
Although you cannot see this detail in my photos, the blouse tunic has pretty pintucking on the yoke.

I thought you might appreciate a closer look at the print.
I guess I could show you a better photo of the blouse with this link to the JCrew product page

Or, I could just show you a detailed photo of the blouse on its own.
Try not to be too distracted by the accessories and acorn-brown pants. The mind reels.
I do not see this blouse with a boho headband, boho earrings, and brown pants; a rare misfire for JCrew

Lastly, I bought a new pair of sneakers for the Chile trip but in the end did not pack them because they chafed my heels — just a bit — during a trial walk in D.C.* But I am breaking them in now and they are great.
I took this photo m’self

These sneakers are the kind that smush totally flat in your suitcase. So ingenious. They are also a Nike iD product, which means that each consumer gets to design (with some limits) her pair.
Always looking for saddle shoes, I color-blocked mine

Sweater: Vince; Blouse: JCrew Ruffle Classic Popover Shirt in Liberty Magical Bouquet — not sure why it is called “Ruffle” as there are no ruffles on it; Cords: Talbots; Sneakers: Nike Roshe One Essential iD; Bag: Les Toiles du Soleil Tote
* I was willing to pack my Doc Martens with some uncertainty about whether they would chafe . . . but to pack questionable sneakers would have been complete madness. The Doc Martens were, with a little Dr. Scholl’s gel pad in the heel, perfect.

8 thoughts on “Casual Sunday While Transitioning to Spring”

  1. awwww. I went to Liberty 3 times in 24 hours this past weekend! Our groomsmen’s ties are a Liberty print and I bought all of the bridesmaids Liberty robes to wear as we get ready for the big day 🙂 Love Liberty!

    • Congratulations, Elena, on your engagement (soon to be marriage!) AND the blessings of three visits to Liberty in 24 hours. I think I may need a Liberty robe for summer as the robe I am currently wearing is very sad. I hope you have a beautiful day and hope you let us know what dresses you packed for your honeymoon.

  2. Thanks for the sneaker tip. My sister and I, both about 50, recently bought some classic Adidas sneakers (white with 3 stripes on each side; I got silver stripes and she got rose gold) because we needed “fashion” sneakers. When her 13-year old daughter (my niece) saw them on us, she said “Those are HILARIOUS!” My sister replied, “In a good way?” My niece did not answer.

      • Being nearly 50, I had the same reaction to classic Adidas sneakers. Seeing teen girls running around in Adidas Stan Smiths last summer struck me as “hilarious” since my husband wore the exact shoes when we were in university, and they were most definitely *not* stylish back then. After some initial hesitation based on those old prejudices, I bought myself some updated Stan Smiths with cutouts last summer and love them!


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