White Pants Early Fall

As promised, white pants into fall.
When visiting Paris in October years ago, I saw a woman wearing white jeans with a heavy weight plaid wrap jacket and Converse sneakers and thought, “Perfection!”

The image has had a long, detailed residence in my brain and here I am, several years later, offering my interpretation of her theme.
As you can see with your own eyes: heavy cotton duck pants with an earth-toned sweater and assertive loafers.
Attention mademoiselles!

Shall I turn?
Though I would generally wear a fitted top with wide-legged pants, I have yielded to the trend of the moment — Box Over A-line. Because the sweater is so soft, I think it works.

While white and a sandy color could read Santa Fe in the Spring, I think black shoes and a dark green bag provide the seasonal anchor we need.
Although we might associate green with spring, I think this green — an almost-hunter green — reads autumn.
Fully rotated; I wish these pants looked as full in profile as they do from the front, but if they did, they might be enormous

The Directrice tasks me
Keeping my pledge (The Directrice Challenge), I am wearing a necklace.
This piece is by Denisa Piatti, who you may remember from this post. Denisa is currently working in acrylic (with sterling silver accents) but several years ago she made this exquisite piece from horn.

It is no task to wear this necklace!
Interestingly, the weird, dark green bead necklace I wore on Monday is the break-out star of the new jewelry storage order. It goes with everything. I briefly considered changing the challenge to Wear This Necklace Every Day but decided that might seem strange. It will be appearing again soon, though.
She tasks us

Come closer and look at the beautiful craftsmanship in Denisa’s work — the elaborate necklace chain and beautiful pendant mounting.
I think it goes without saying that the pendant looks good enough to stuff in one’s mouth

Visit Denisa’s website and see her current projects!
Sweater: Eileen Fisher; Blouse: Jack Wills from ASOS; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Grenson; Pendant: Denisa Piatti; Bag: Coach

8 thoughts on “White Pants Early Fall”

  1. Very nice.
    I think the length of the boxy sweater is important. A long boxy sweater with wide (boxy) pants would be out of character for you.

  2. Aaaand I am totally inspired and wearing a version of this outfit today. I found a brand new pair of white pants in my closet that I’d totally overlooked all summer! With a heather gray poncho sweater and black Birks. Perfect for this delightful weather.


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