The Divining Rod Strikes Again

A few weeks ago, I showed photos of a red sleeveless dress with two different blouses underneath.
You may remember that one of the blouses, on its own, was kind of ugly.

Take a moment to refresh your memory.
Free People Hendrix Printed Blouse
Is it all coming back to you now? Free People Hendrix Printed Blouse

It was ugly, but I have a tender heart and like to give everyone a chance, so rather than stuffing it right back into its packaging, I opened my closet doors and held the blouse before me — like a divining rod — to see if any matches jumped out.
This practice is known as "dowsing"
This practice is known as dowsing, so that is what we will call it from now on

And lo a shepherd shall .>>>
And lo an angel of the Lord came upon them*
Look what revealed itself unto me.
The Smashing Pumpkin Dress, which you can read about in this eponymous-ish post.

How improbable that the colors of a blouse that I bought to wear with a red dress should look perfect with a pumpkin colored dress? Particularly when I had intended to find a silky blouse to wear under the pumpkin dress, but then lost track of that goal?
Truly a miracle!

Could it be that this is the blouse's true purpose?
Could it be that this is the blouse’s true purpose?
When one thinks about the color-wheel, perhaps this was not so improbable. Red and orange do live adjacently, and red is sort of the mother of orange . . .
So perhaps this union was a highly predictable event, and only a blind manatee could have missed the pairing? You decide!

And now, a few more views of the dress.
lklfkakf back 3/4
Twisty back, like a sophisticated present

dress 3/4 nback
Longer view of Directrice-present
There is one small thing that I would change if I could.
Do you see the splash of bright red at the center-back of the blouse, just above the neckline of the dress? That red is not quite right here. But the splash of red is perfect when I wear this blouse with my red dress. So there shall be no meddling. I will accept things as they are.

Have a fantastic weekend!
side full length
Serene Directrice accepts her reality with grace, yet she looks like she is getting ready to push back

Blouse: Free People; Dress: Jil Sander; Boots: Donna Piu
* I only know this phrase from A Charlie Brown Christmas. I went to a Unitarian Sunday School.

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  1. Love this outfit!
    I found your blog at the beginning of January, and I’ve looked forward to Mondays and Thursdays ever since – thank you so much for always brightening up my week!

  2. * Your brief quote is from the New Testament book of Luke, chapter 1, verse 9. I highly recommend you expand your literary horizon by reading the passage!


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