Could Go Either Way

I wore this outfit during the last week of October.

That makes it, de facto, a fall outfit.
But the crisp blue and white stripes of this blouse suggest that this is, de jure, a spring outfit.
Worn last week of October
Worn last week of October; that’s a true fact

Surely an association should not be construed as a restriction
Surely an association should not be construed as a restriction
But orange = fall.
You can see how this debate might go back and forth for a while.
And seasonality is not even the point of this post.

There are two lessons today.
You think you are imparting two lessons
Two lessons! You may want to take notes

Side view, not gathering
Patience, my pet
Lesson No. 1: Good things come to those who wait.
This Vanessa Bruno blouse is from SS2015. I saw it on Matches then and loved it, but felt that it was too expensive to buy full-price. The blouse sold out before it was marked down significantly.
But remember: It’s not over until it’s over. The blouse popped up on YOOX in early October this year. Only one, in my size. At 1/3rd of the original price. It was a bargain and a miracle.

So many things to notice: stripes on the diagonal, mandarin collar, graceful gathering that defines the waist.
You may also notice that I failed to straighten the sleeves after taking off my jacket. The Photographer . . . He is an artist, but his media are light and color. He does not notice clothes askew.
front vie
I still need an intern

Come closer for a better look at the my square knot. It’s only purpose is visual interest, but it fulfills that mission well.
Note: I am wearing a pale pink camisole under the blouse because I can’t seem to knot these pointless — I mean, visually interesting — ties without creating a little gap. If I had been Vanessa Bruno’s fit model, we would have sorted this out in the workroom.
Up close
Visual interest is legitimate service

Lesson No. 2: A distinctive blouse with a pair of old khakis and smart flats is a chic outfit. Isn’t that good to know?
I don’t usually include pictures of outerwear, but I am making an exception for this jacket, which is probably about 10 years old.
I found it an Anthropologie and was attracted to its neat collar and beautiful horn buttons. I had mixed feelings about the puffed sleeves, but after a decade to mull it over, I think they’re fine.
Charming details
Charmant, I say

Hopefully I will never lose one of these buttons.
Buttons look good enough to eat; I understand why babies are often tempted

As great as these details are, the best part of this jacket is its lining.

I am carrying necessities in the Oil Slick
I am carrying necessities in the Oil Slick
Finishing things off, my green/purple iridescent patent leather bag. Everyone needs one!
One of you dubbed it, so cleverly, “the oil slick” and that is how I refer to it now.
I do like the orange-blue-purple combination.

Blouse: Vanessa Bruno; Khakis: Ann Taylor; Bag: Car Shoe; Shoes: Coach; Jacket: Anthropologie

4 thoughts on “Could Go Either Way”

  1. You are cute as a button in this outfit. I too love interesting buttons and linings, and once bought a coat because of its entrancing lining.

  2. THAT LINING! 🙂 I’m a big fan of complementary colors in dressing; they seem unusual and yet work so well on the eye. And you look lovely. Perfectly fall. Still though, there’s never anything wrong with a fall “impatient de paris au printemps” outfit 😉

  3. I loved a lining in one jacket in particular so much so that I would purposefully expose it on the back of my chair – carelessly shucking off the jacket just to show the lining! Splaying it over my arm when I would carry it! I love me a great lining.

    More outerwear please!


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