Accordion Love

Amidst all of the resistance of the last two years, I have also been resisting the return of the styles of the 80s and 90s — pegged jeans, empire waists, slipdresses over tee shirts, pleated pants.*

My position has been both principled and practical.
Principled: The fashion industry needs to work a little harder for my money.
Practical: None of these things look good on me.
But when I saw this dress, I thought, “That would look cute over something.”
Vince Pleated Cami Midi Dress

I don’t know why this vision took root in my brain, but it did and when that happens, I feel compelled to actualize the vision.
Dress, placed over something by me

You felt compelled to realize an artistic vision?
Yeah, something like that

Here are my ideas for this dress:

  • belted over a tissue-weight black turtleneck;
  • belted over a lightweight merino turtleneck in grey;
  • belted, over this See by Chloe blouse;
  • under a waist length, fitted turtleneck sweater.
This Directrice looks skeptical of preceding Directrices

This Directrice looks a little more understanding
That’s like five outfits altogether.
I do have to figure out what shoes would work with this dress once the mules have to be put away for the winter.
And, I should have the massive side slits — which go to mid-thigh — closed to the knee.

Step right up and take a look at this pleated fabric. It’s highly synthetic. I need to examine the label and see what care is required to maintain these sharp accordion pleats.
The Photographer labelled these photos “Louver”
Louvered and cinched

This belt is a familiar face.**
This belt — bought four years ago — was a good purchase

Finishing things off, my favorite bag. It’s the perfect size to hold my wallet, sunglasses, small makeup/First Aid pouch, two pairs of reading glasses, phone, dice, cyanide pill, and keys. And it’s very lightweight leather.
Adjustable strap and adjustable handle

Deconstructed affect
So clever

Thank you to those of you who shared your moods and feelings on Monday. It means a lot to me to hear from you.
We’re all looking for ways to make a difference. In addition to the various political efforts that The Photographer and I have been engaged in for the last two years through Sister District, we decided we could add a little joy to our lives by taking in a creature who needs a home.
Introducing Philo Farnsworth, the Black-and-White Cat: piebald and thief of hearts

Dress: Vince Pleated Cami Midi Dress; Blouse: Y-3 from YOOX; Belt: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti from YOOX; Bag: Sophie Hulme Bolt Bag
* Mules were a part of this boycott, until I realized that I love them.
** This still cracks me up.

8 thoughts on “Accordion Love”

  1. I thought I would layer on a comment on layering, which is that, inspired by you, Directrice, I am layered up today with a red silk long-sleeved blouse under a thin, elbow-length black sweater and a longish, Mrs. Maisel-inspired skirt. I have, from time to time, thought how great it would be if we could leave a photo with our comments. Then we could show you and each other what we’re wearing (on those occasions when we’re inspired).

    I enjoyed a slip dress over a t-shirt in the 90s, but I am not sure I should do it this time around.

    I like a shoe with some height to it for your ensemble when you put the mules away. Or just go full-on combat boot.

    Screw the cyanide. We can’t give up. But consider iodine for water purification… 😉

  2. After my initial “what the…?!” thoughts on this dress, now I kind of love it. I’m really looking forward to seeing it with light merino sweaters as it gets colder in DC.

    There seem to be quite a lot of velvet, block-heeled ankle boots being shown this season as a festive footwear option, and I think these would be really lovely, maybe in blue or pewter. Velvet mules would be fun, too. (Though not so fun outdoors, especially here in Ottawa, where it’s -7 celsius today with a heap of snow in the forecast).

    And welcome to Philo Farnsworth — such a great name!

    • I completely understand your initial reaction and subsequent change of heart. By morning you won’t just love the dress; it will seem like the most important thing in the world! This is how my thinking on mules evolved. I like the idea of those velvet, sock-style boots. Stay warm!

  3. Though late to the game, I’m going to respond to your last few posts, which was when I initially wanted to respond! Here we go….with references to Speed Post, Blue Velvet, and The Directrice embraces Prints: A very happy belated birthday to you, Directrice! I’ve been meaning to post for awhile now. When you wrote a
    about the various blogger collaborations, I immediately tried to conjure up a Directrice X J.Crew collab since you pair such interesting things with their basics. I don’t relate to any of the so-called influencers as any I’ve looked rarely do anything interesting with the lovely new clothes they’re wearing, and their writing does nothing to draw me in. On the other hand, your writing always makes me smile, and on many occasions has made me laugh. And your outfits always inspire me, not to dress like you, but to think about my own wardrobe in creative ways.

  4. I really like Hope’s idea to be able to photograph and attach to our posts to share with you and others individual sartorial styles.

    Let us know how to care for those pleats, dry clean or wash?

  5. Your new addition is adorable! And I wanted to let you know that I adopted two kittens in September and was partly inspired the beautiful things you wrote and shared about Harper.


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