Casual Friday: For the Urban Safari

It’s another casual Friday. In Washington D.C. during the summer, that means layering for extreme temperatures: 100 degrees outside, commercial freezer inside.


This jacket, from Benetton, is a workhorse that’s been in my closet for almost 12 years. The color is a buttery tan, which is flattering to the complexion, and the button tabs at the waist give shape.

Layered to face artificial elements

I hope peplums never fall out of fashion because I really love them
All buttoned up
Peplum constrained, but not out of fashion; still asserting itself

Shape-giving tabs
A pink watchband is surprisingly useful; it looks pretty with all the neutrals

I sometimes wear this outfit when I am traveling because I like each of the constituent parts and therefore am likely to mix them into other outfits. But for travel, I add one more piece:
Scarf of Scarves
Scarf of Scarves, which elevates everything within its gravitational field . . . as if the pom-poms were made of osmium instead of cotton

Everyone loves this scarf.

Finished and ready to board with Lapis Lazuli Standard Priority Rewards boarding group
Wearing this scarf to the airport is a form of public service; the scarf spreads good cheer over a pretty dismal scene. A baby can have this effect, too, but at the airport babies seem to inspire cheer and apprehension in equal parts. While there is little better than a chortling baby (perhaps a baby panda, rolling around?), babies have been known, on occasion, to undergo rapid emotional reversals and express dissatisfaction without inhibition in close quarters. The scarf, however, is like a rock, so even weary flight attendants brighten when they see it.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Jacket: United Colors of Benetton; Top: Blaque Label; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Scarf: Tory Burch: Bag: Tory Burch York Buckle Tote in Pale Oak; Shoes: French Sole New York; Watch: Michele Serein 16

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