Casual Friday: Spring Is Bustin’ Out All Over

Finally! Spring is here and within three days, the cherry trees have gone from bare to bloomed. To share a little of that with you, I’ve trotted over to my neighborhood playground to take a few photos.

Navy and navy
Feast your eyes on the blossoms


At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Jackets are the foundation of a professional wardrobe. When you put a jacket on, you are automatically dressed up and that’s true even if the jacket is cotton poplin. A safari style jacket dresses up jeans and allows you to enjoy the esprit de corps of Casual Friday with a little polish.

full length
Navy paired with denim is refreshing for spring

Waving to my friend’s son who has summitted the jungle gym at the park; this jacket has plenty of pockets and epaulettes for visual interest and a drawstring waist, which gives it a little shape

What looks good with navy? Navy and white is an unbeatable combination. But in smaller doses, I also like yellows (lemon yellow and yellow-orange), turquoise and robin’s egg blue with navy, as well as certain pinks under certain circumstances. Circumstances like this fantastic Indian-print scarf.

Confronting the photographer
In a rare pose, confronting the photographer (behind the safety of sunglasses)

Whenever I wear this scarf, I get compliments from strangers — in the street, on the Metro, in elevators. I think the pom-poms compel these little connections, because they are pretty irresistible. Come closer and check out the details:
Pom poms
Pom-poms = social glue
Yellow bag
Yellow bag is versatile; a pop of color that looks great with all the neutrals (white, grey, tan, navy and black)
Bog sport watch has clear PVC band, so it's rugged without being too heavy visually
Big sport watch has clear PVC band, so it’s rugged without being too heavy visually

Illesteva, Leonard Classics in Clear/Tortoise
Illesteva, Leonard Classics in Clear/Tortoise
Don’t forget your big sunglasses! I ordered this pair from Illesteva this spring and was very impressed with both the quality of the product and customer service when I had a few questions about the fit.

A little bit about the cherry blossoms . . . They are enchanting. If you haven’t seen them, you must come visit.
A number of years ago, the Park Service was thrown into a low-level panic when it was discovered that some industrious beavers were implementing an ambitious redevelopment plan for the Tidal Basin.
Not called busy for nothing; the Rouse Company of beavers
Not called busy for nothing; the Rouse Company of beavers

They wanted to take this:
Tidal Basin, looking toward Washington Memorial
Tidal Basin, looking toward Washington Memorial
And turn it into this:
Classic beaver dam
Classic beaver dam
But in their fur-covered brains, I’m sure the plan looked more like this:
Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, China
Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, China

After leading the Park Service on a merry dance for a week or so, the beavers were trapped and relocated. Several years later, the Park Service launched a new campaign to discourage tourists from taking souvenirs from the trees.

"Paddles" -- appointed by the Park Service to protect the cherry trees
The Park Service, adding insult to injury

Can you imagine how incensed the beavers would be if they could read? Their image appropriated to sell a campaign that is antithetical to their work ethic . . .

Have a terrific weekend!

UPDATE July 15, 2015: To see more of this splendid scarf, see Casual Friday: For the Urban Safari.

Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Shirt: JCrew Perfect Shirt; Jeans: JCrew; Scarf: Tory Burch; Bag: Coach Legacy Duffle; Watch: TechnoMarine Cruise; Shoes: French Sole New York; Sunglasses: Illesteva Leonard Classics in Clear/Tortoise

Similar jackets: Talbots Safari Jacket; JCrew Downtown Field Jacket; Marc by Marc Jacobs; See by Chloe; RVR Lardini; Brema

5 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Spring Is Bustin’ Out All Over”

  1. Yes, but would the beavers look as chic wearing this scarf on their casual Friday gnaw-fest? I think not.

    LOVE this scarf. It doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    I agree: I love jackets. But long arms + long waist + narrow frame = frequent jacket fail. Perhaps I should look into alterations?

    • I see the problem. I would do two things. First, look for jackets that are more amenable to . . . self-help. Jackets with belts or adjustable tabs at the waist. Even if the tabs on their tightest setting leave the overall fit loose — buttons and tabs are easy to relocate and a tailor could do that for you. Second, look for jackets that will permit more intrusive alterations. For a jacket that doesn’t have adjustable settings, a tailor could take it in along the side seams or could even create darts on the back to create a better fit. Such alterations will depend on the overall design — whether there is a set waistband, pockets, etc. — but are worth discussing with a professional. I recommend Fatima at Bespoke Tailoring, 1100 New York Ave NW; she’s helped me figure out how to alter many things and she has a great sense of fun and appreciation for clothes, too. Tell her I said hello!

  2. Love the jacket – I’ll have to check the Talbot’s in my NJ town. And the cherry blossoms are such a beautiful setting! Unknown to most people, NJ’s Branch Brook Park has thousands more cherry trees than DC! Google it for gorgeous pictures 🙂

  3. What a stunning casual Friday outfit. The scarf is really that magical ‘third piece’ in this ensemble. It completes the outfit, and the yellow bag is perfect. The ballet flats are a nice choice of footwear. I have to confess to being just a little over the look of sneakers with everything 😉


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