Fairly Balanced

I had an idea recently: that I should wear a slinky black silk dress, belted, over jeans.

Where did this idea come from? It wasn’t entirely original.
The belted slinky dress came from Midnight in Paris,* which I watched a couple of weeks ago. The character played by Rachel McAdams (crabby Inez) wears dresses and tunics belted and they looked very stylish. Not chic, but stylish.
Rightly or wrongly, wearing the dress over jeans sprang from my own mind.
full length front
The idea became operationalized, whatever that means

To make something like this work, the dress needs to be very fluid, but substantial enough to cover the bumps of the jeans and blouse underneath. This dress is a heavy silk.
A pair of Directrices, back-to-back, will show you the side views.
If I don't make a sound, she won't turn around
Soooo . . . we walk ten paces, then turn around and fire? Seems an inprecise way to settle a dispute
As long as I remain still, she won't notice that I'm here
There can only be one Directrice

Approach and take note of the slinkiness. Perhaps the dress is slippery rather than slinky. Slinky is a characteristic of bias cuts, and this dress is purely recto-linear.
In the alternative, a form-fitting stretchy slip could work. I thought about wearing a black Spanx slip.
three quarter shot
Fluid fabric looks graceful when cinched with belt

Important note: I had this dress shortened to a minidress length. Arguably, it is a tunic. The dress looks purposefully shorter in the front than back, but it’s not; its slippery self has just slipped back on my shoulders.
For the eagle-eyed among you, the straps are of different widths.
Ordinarily, I would say Fun, right? — except the rest of the dress is austere and intellectual, which forces me to consider whether I initially underestimated the straps.
Interestingly, the dress doesn’t read asymmetrical. It looks balanced to me.
close up of straps
No whimsy here? Straps may be making a statement about inequality

Close up of belt front
Conjoined buckles
Here is a familiar face. Two faces!
I liked this belt so much in black that I bought a second one in black and tan.

close up of belt
For those who had difficulty visualizing the fastening, puzzle no longer.
The Photographer has photographed it for you.

At this time of year, a large scarf is useful. Today was beautiful, but brisk in the shade. A leopard scarf is just the thing to keep me from feeling cold. It is also warding off disease.
with scarf showing belt
Leopard goes with everything; never forget that

heading home now scarf up close
Actually, leopard is everything; never forget that
In the final analysis, I think I look like an art teacher in this ensemble, which we can all agree is a good thing.

Dress: Maison Margiela from YOOX; Blouse: JCrew; Jeans: JCrew; Belt: Maison Margiela 11; Shoes: Lazio Collezione; Scarf: JCrew; Bag (The Oilslick): Car Shoe
Directrice fretting
Directrice fretting

* Setting aside the entire issue of Woody Allen, I can’t not love this movie: the baffling premise of a novel about a nostalgia shop, the plot twist of telescoping trips back in time, and the excellent cast of supporting characters. Who wants a fight?

8 thoughts on “Fairly Balanced”

  1. At first, when I read the first sentence of your posting, I said to myself ‘no way,’ but it works! Sorry I doubted you! To make it look even more like a tunic – have you considered opening the side seams a couple inches at the hem?

    Enjoy spring!

  2. I think the outfit is interesting but the proportions of the jeans are throwing me off. I wear dress over pants errrrday. If wearing flares, straight cut, bootcut or boyfriend jeans with this dress, I’d say it has to cover the foot. If wearing slim cut pants or stove pipe, then I think a cropped pant works.

  3. Hello Directrice! This is a very appealing ensemble. You look great! I will revisit ‘Midnight in Paris’ perhaps on Pinterest. I loved the clothes in that movie and especially remember the belted dresses and excellent handbags.

  4. Hey, I won’t fight you, I love Midnight in Paris! In fact, I think I’ll watch it again this week in your honor.

    I really like the chiaroscuro belt and the back-to-back Directrices. Very cool and interesting.

  5. I actually like the whole outfit and it speaks to me, but if just descriptors were used, I would have laughed instead. The whole works but depends on all the pieces. Gadfry, you are creative and it pays off with one-off outfits. Really, actually, like it. Kate

  6. I’ve got a new Zara blue/white men’s polycotton shirting dress (what a lot of adjectives!). I’ve been wearing it over stove pipe cuffed jeans. The sunny weather made me want to wear it, but it’s still a bit chilly for a polycotton dress, hence looking for warmer options. My dress is button through, so I can unbutton it more at both ends to make it look more duster-like. This is a great way to extend the seasonal life if a summer dress, and I’m liking how good your one looks – I’m going to play in my wardrobe with further possibilities. Thanks for the validation!


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