All of My Black Jackets Are Different!

I have a number of black jackets. On occasion, I chastise myself for having so many . . . and then my belligerent side scolds my moralistic side with a reminder that each of these jackets is very different from the others and serves unique purposes.

Here is one of those very different jackets.
How is this one different from the others?
Check. Me. Out.
Check. It. Out.

It is:

  • made of a fine, tropical-weight wool combined with a little synthetic fiber for resilience;
  • partially lined (for warm weather comfort);
  • slightly longer in the back than front, with a charmingly feminine, horizontal contour seam across the back;
  • and, decorated with four pockets on the front.

OK; take a step back and check me out
OK; take a step back and check it out
Here I am wearing my ultra-different black jacket for a worky meeting.
Perhaps you are thinking, Directrice, you’re just wearing a black suit and sweater. This is old news.
Non! Non! I am wearing a clever black jacket with a dark grey shell and dark grey wool trousers.
You’ve previously seen the shell and trousers worn with a light colored tweedy jacket.

We’ve discussed the importance of having a grey sweater vest and matching trousers on previous occasions, like this and that. I stand by this wardrobing trick.
Now some closer shots of the jacket.
Fitted, but not snug

Two of the four pockets
The horizontal seam

And now, another hot tip.
A banded-collar blouse is just the thing to wear with a suit. It gives the contrast of a collared shirt without the interfering structure of an actual collar.
Ultra-clever blouse under ultra-different jacket
Ultra-clever blouse under ultra-different jacket

Another charming thing about this jacket. The sleeves are faced with a contrasting, off-white fabric.
In these photos, the facing appears almost dove grey . . . but it’s not.

The facing is just barely visible when I am not peeling the sleeve back to show you, but it is a sophisticated detail that adds interest.
Discernible, distinguished facing

One more look at the pockets.
Patch pocket stacked on patch pocket with undersized flap

Jacket: Schumacher from YOOX; Blouse: Alice & Olivia; Shell: Brooks Brothers; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Bag: Car Shoe

8 thoughts on “All of My Black Jackets Are Different!”

  1. I have three black jackets, one a traditional wool blazer type, and the other two Eileen Fisher stretch fabric jackets, one with zippered pockets and the other without. I dress them up with colored scarves.

  2. I consider having multiples in the same color a wardrobe stretcher. As you morph from Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter you switch the jacket/pants/skirt/dress with the appropriate fabric in. You can persist with the same accessories until the climate really gets into it’s season, and then move those around as well. Myself, I now own three green dresses.

  3. I have ZERO black jackets! I gave them all away and switched to navy and graphite and charcoal a few years ago.

    Do I regret it? Sometimes.

  4. That is a cool jacket, very professional looking, and a real workhorse I can imagine. Cute picture there at the end. Kate


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