Decline or Ascent?

Last Friday, I looked up this blog (this, my own blog) while waiting for the Metro.

I was wearing this wedding cake of a top (Casual Friday) and remembered that I’d posted photos of it previously — so I searched for that post (key word: “wedding cake”) and found it right away.
Imagine my surprise, as I boarded the train for work, to read, “In honor of Labor Day, I am wearing something that can’t be worn to work.”
But I am wearing it to work, I said to myself

Standards have fallen. Or have they risen?
A top that I declared NSFW in 2016 is suddenly in the Casual Friday Mix.
You see where this is going, right?

I can see it all unfolding.
September 2016: suitable for wear on a federal holiday
June 2018: suitable to wear on Casual Friday

August 2021: suitable to wear for a client presentation
June 2024: suitable to wear to court

What’s going on here? Is it that I care less today than I did in 2016? Or am I two years more secure in my professional standing?
Am I checking out? Or blazing a new path? So hard to know.
Oh no

Three ties, no-stitch seam = potential peep-show
You may be thinking, “I don’t understand what the concern about this top is. There’s nothing wrong with dressing like a cake!”
I agree! Nothing wrong with dressing like a cake. Here’s the issue: The shoulder seams of this top are not sewn shut; they close with three ties, which sometimes come loose.

You know what? This top is fine. I was unduly censorious in 2016.
Grow, kitten! Grow!

And speaking of growth, this post is No. 400! That feels like a milestone, doesn’t it? If you enjoy this blog, help me build this community by recommending it to others. The easiest way to do so is to post an enthusiastic comment on your favorite (I mean second-favorite) blog. Past comments on Corporette and You Look Fab have brought in wonderful readers and I am always so delighted by the boost.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Top: Rebecca Taylor, last seen here; Pants: Ann Taylor; Shoes: MM6; Bracelet: Maria Eife; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch: Shinola

5 thoughts on “Decline or Ascent?”

  1. I went back and read the earlier post, and just want to compliment you for the line “So I look like I am walking away from a minor nuclear explosion . . . which I guess I sort of am.”

    Congratulations on the milestone! I always look forward to your post days.

  2. Congratulations to my favorite blog team of all time. I so enjoy your writing and our dear photographer. I believe you are merely finding your career more secure and enlarged choices have come with it. The top in this heat could not be faulted in any way and looks great on your very trim person. Enjoy the relief.

  3. I’ve been watching a show on Netflix called “Rake” about a lawyer in Australia, and when he appears in court he’s got a black robe and a wig that’s always a little skewed. Your cake top would be appropriate for court any day there.


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