Best Vest

Continuing our awkward transition from winter to summer, I am relying heavily on cropped trousers and m’ little mules.

It’s too soon for sandals. Plus, the sandals are all downstairs, fraternizing with Christmas decorations. And I’m not sure that I will even have the time or strength to retrieve them this weekend.
Speaking of Christmas ornaments, the last time you saw this vest, it was in front of the Christmas tree

This vest is certainly a three-season garment. With a short sleeved black and white striped t-shirt, it may even appear at the height of summer. Wouldn’t it look smart with white jeans?
While you ponder that question, allow me to turn for you. This vest needs to be appreciated from all angles.
We begin here . . . SCREECH

Three hundred and sixty degrees is not enough! We must zoom in and enlarge.
Hit Control +
I will do something unexpected: turn counter-clockwise

This would be counter-clockwise motion if I were laying on the ground
And you were floating above me

I say Best Vest, but it may be my second-best vest. It’s a close call.
This vest has many charms; pockets are among them.
A place for hands, phone, candy

Finally, the mules that have stolen my heart. I was uncertain when I bought these last fall (Robe and Slippers), but that uncertainty has burned off like an early morning fog and is replaced by hot, blazing love. They are still available and I think I may need to buy a back-up pair for future days.
I heart these floppy, studded bows

Have a fantastic weekend!
For those who are watching The Americans: I haven’t seen Episode 9, so please do not give anything away, but feel free to share your general Season 6 excitement/hysteria/anxiety about how things might go down. I may have to take the next the week off to wait for Episode 10. The Photographer and I are planning our own fan-fiction episodes to fill the abyss; first, we must learn mixed martial arts, or at least stunt-fighting. (What will the neighbors make of that?) I am hoping Arkady Ivanovich gets his own spin-off — The Rezidentura — in which he behaves decently and is nonplussed by the activities of his staff every week. It may be a sit-com.
Vest: Marissa Webb Lani Trench Vest; Blouse: Talbots Perfect Shirt; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff Alexis Mule with Studs; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

9 thoughts on “Best Vest”

  1. The Americans: AAAAAHHHHH!! (We haven’t seen Ep9 yet, so no spoilers.) Here’s what I *want* to happen: Paige does something dumb and gets killed. Oleg spirits Phillip back to the USSR, where Phillip is forced to confront the fact that his masters were corrupt and are now gone. Stan captures Elizabeth in hand-to-hand combat and she goes on trial for all the people she’s murdered. In the courtroom we get to see the looks on the faces of the people she’s fooled all these years, including Henry.

    Stan’s wife turns out to be Martha in disguise.

  2. Can you please start a blog where we can discuss the Americans and the related anxiety!??! (note: do not watch this show while on the treadmill! lesson learned the hard way.)

    I also haven’t seen episode 9 yet.

    Are the mules comfortable? I am afraid of mules and their clip clop sounds.

    • I have thought about converting THIS blog to an Americans chatroom! It’s all I want to talk about it — even though my enthusiasm sometimes reduces me to inarticulate spluttering. Bwah! Fwah? Hzmm!

    • I forgot to respond to your question regarding comfort and sounds. In terms of comfort, I rank these a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being Very Comfortable. On level ground, they are not too noisy — but on Metro escalators they make a horrible racket. The opposite of elegance and dignity. I sound like a suit of armor that’s been pushed down a metal staircase.

  3. The vest is perfection itself and the mules are as well. I can see a need for both pieces. The “bustle” in back is so clever and appealingly balanced by all possible views. The design rocks!

  4. Fellow Americans fan here! After watching Episode 9 yesterday, I spent way too much time reading articles about the show and comments from viewers about how they see it ending. Some great theories out there! I’m nervous!

    • WHY AREN’T MORE DIRECTRICE READERS CHIMING IN ON THIS IMPORTANT TOPIC? Maybe they are still collecting information from every television reiewer and chat room on the Internet? Are they hastily re-watching Seasons 1-5 in preparation for the big finish?

  5. Episode 9 is still un-watched on my DVR. The suspense kills me. I’ve been reading the NYT recap and then watching the show but even so sometimes I’ve only watched 1/2 an episode at a time.

    I have no idea what’s going to happen, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t all end up dead.


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